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South Carolina Opioiod Informed Consent Use Policies

As an Informed Consent Use Policy is a paper you sign with your pain management doctor.

It states that you will receive your opioid prescriptions from one doctor and have them filled with one pharmacy.  I, personally, have two pharmacies on mine because I don’t usually fill my own prescriptions and I wanted those that do that errand for me to choose between two nearest to our home.

Medscape author Jennifer Bolin, JD, states about Informed Consent:

  • The physician should discuss the risks and benefits of the use of controlled substances with the patient, persons designated by the patient, or with the patient’s surrogate or guardian if the patient is incompetent.

  • Note: The patient should receive prescriptions from one physician and one pharmacy where possible.

  • Treatment agreement language pertains to high-risk patients or those with history of substance abuse. For any patient on chronic opioid therapy, or if the patient is determined to be at high risk for medication abuse or has a history of substance abuse, the physician may employ the use of a written agreement between physician and patient outlining patient responsibilities including:

    1. urine/serum medication levels screening when requested,

    2. number and frequency of all prescription refills, and

    3. reasons for which drug therapy may be discontinued (ie, violation of agreement).

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