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My experience with Dr. Tavel and Pain Specialists of Charleston

Okay.  So where do I start?

I started seeing a Pain Specialist, when my doctor felt that he couldn’t be responsible for my pain management.  After an MRI, One of the PA’s at Pain Specialists of Charleston read the report and freaked out, briefly. Then she immediately prescribed opioid prescriptions for me.  It was like a light went on and they finally realized “oh this must hurt” really?

So, then I was faced with the whole SC State Controlled informed consent paperwork. I chose one doctor and one pharmacy.  Along with this, I was introduced with monthly urinalysis.

Before I go any further, I want you to know that my monthly urinalysis, is done through this doctor’s office, and billed through them, not through the lab, directly.  This bill is $1150/month.  Per month!!!

Because you only see the doctor for a procedure, and his waiting room is always packed wall-to-wall with patients, I felt like a cattle call to see a PA each month, required to get my monthly prescriptions.

I left the cattle call for a personalized pain doctor and encouraged all I knew from this office to the new doctor as well.

I am in fake collection with Pain Specialists of Charleston, for PEE IN A CUP! It gets no more literal than that.

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8 Responses to "My experience with Dr. Tavel and Pain Specialists of Charleston"

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  2. Erica says:

    Heidi – As a member of the Pain Specialists of Charleston team, I’m sorry to hear about your experience with our practice. We strive to provide the highest level care possible and are working to improve services, staffing, wait times and patient experience on a daily basis. Our goal is to treat all patients with the care and respect they deserve and we apologize that your experience with our practice did not reflect those goals. We wish you nothing but the best and hope that your pain as well as your quality of life improves with your new provider.

  3. Ray says:

    I am going thru exact same thing.I can’t afford this,you should have a great relationship with your Dr.But I feel like I am on probation now.I would like to find someone else so I can share what’s going on with my body face to face with the Dr,and not diagnosed thru a second party.
    Heidi can you please share?

    1. cdzsimply says:

      Ray, I will try to email you with the email you left with this comment. I don’t know who you are seeing now or where you are, geographically, but I have a wonderful doctor now. I will share privately. ~Heidi (Thanks for the comment)

      1. Joseph martin says:

        I need help. I saw Dr Kingsley knight. Had to pee in a cup. Which is suppose to be illeagal. Now I need a pain is the office that’s wrong. An there is an investigation on with them. I’m hopingthat,office will be shut down.

        1. Heidi says:

          Urinalysis, is legal and mandatory by the medical doctor’s association in the State of South Carolina. I have to take one every month to get my refills of my medication. My new doctor moved to West Ashley and its very far and inconvenient for me. I wish there was something closer. Are you in the Charleston area?

      2. Wendy says:

        Can you give me the name of your new doctor. I went once to this clinic and it was awful!

        1. Heidi says:

          Ard you in the Charleston Area. I can tell you to avoid Dr. Tavel’s cattle call where you pay thousands each month in bills for pee in a cup. I’m not real happy where I go now, but I’ll get you the name if you are in my area. Plea get back to me. I’m sorry Im so late with this reply.

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