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Pain Care Physicians of Charleston – Dr. John Bailey and my fees

Dr. Bailey is my new Pain Management Doctor.

His card says:

American Board of Anesthesiology

American Board of Addiction Medicine

ASCP- Board Certification Advanced Psychopharmacology

American Board of Pain Medicine

ABMS-Board Certification Pain Medicine

Courtesy Associate Professor- University of Florida

Fellowships: Advanced Interventional Pain Medicine and Addiction Medicine

I’ve had pain injection procedures with Dr. Bailey soon after they didn’t work with Dr. Tavel.  Dr. Bailey took three times as much time as Dr. Tavel.  He managed my versed better, in intervals instead of all at once.  He took the time to find the nerve, let it heat up so I could notice it, then send a small pulse to make the muscle jump, then after all four were set up, burned the nerves.  It took six to eight weeks to heal.  But it worked this time.  I didn’t know I just needed a better doctor.  I need to have the left side done, but I haven’t been able to pay the $798 for the previous procedure yet.

I pay the standard specialist co-pay of $30 except for procedures, same as with Dr. Tavel.  I pay $60/mo for my pain medication (less than I took with Dr. Tavel) and I still am billed over $1000 for urinalysis, as per the contracted pain patient paper I signed.

I was able to sign for two pharmacies.

Dr. Bailey has informed me that Dr. Tavel doesn’t hold the board certifications for half of the procedures that he does and that he doesn’t understand the multitude of patients in/out of his office.

Dr. Bailey also sees every patient at every visit.  His office is not a cattle call.

Dr. Baley utilizes eLabs for his urinalysis.  He states that eLabs has told him they will not send any patients to collections. He told me that he told them he would advise his patients not to worry about the over $1000 lab bills.*

Who has over $1000/month to pay any lab bills, every month??

I’m letting all of my lab bills go to collection and I may decide to put a note on them.  NO one urinalysis should be so expensive.  These are not only to see if I’m taking my own prescribed medications but to exclude me from many, as well.  Are you on Heroin? NO $85, Are you on Methadone? NO $170.  The charges are out of control and I can’t afford them anymore than anyone else can.

No one should get bad credit to be prescribed pain medication.

*These lab bills are deemed “not medically necessary” by my insurance company and I must appeal to their required status by each claim number*

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