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American debt in the National Debt

(This is my 200th post on this blog)

My daughter, across the country, at BYU-Idaho called me today.  She had some questions about a cool class she had,, today in her finance class.

She wanted to know about bonds.  She has one from a long time ago, from my BIL who passed away at 24 in an auto accident. She wanted to know if she could find out its value today.  I told her I didn’t know and she asked if it had her ssn on it and I told her it does.  Then I told her she couldn’t trust that a website was “real” and to not give her ssn number out, over the Internet.  She asked what kind of bond she had. (EE)

Then she alarmed me.  She said “did you know that 65% of the National Debt is owed to Americans?”  I started to think about this.

The government owes us money for all the money we have that we haven’t spent.

In the National Debt is: (off the top of my head)

  • Collector Coins that are still in the current currency (Presidential coins that we have for both mints, times 3 or more *quarters and nickels))
  • Our money in our pocket or bank that has not been used or spent (
  • Government Student Loan debt
  • Your paycheck (because once you have it, its not circulating, your boss has it not circulating and their place where they got it is not circulatingr
  • Congressional Pay
  • Secret Service Pay
  • Social Security Pay
  • Postal Service Pay
  • Balances at the Federal Reserve
  • Department of Defense that already has their budget because their fiscal year is October
  • International Debt
  • War
  • Consumers getting out of debt
  • Welfare and Food Stamps
  • Aid to foreign countries *we should put our money into our own broken country first*
  • Printing our own money??
  • Interest on the debt
  • Uncollected money
  • Back Taxes Owed


What have I missed??

The whole point of bonds and  coins that we collect is that they purposely have them to create more money in the community and government spending without having them have to pay it back, hopefully in their minds.

I still believe that our country is going to collapse.

What have you done to help yourself if the government does collapse and you money/cash is no longer good or accepted??

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