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Online Love – Etsy – Charming Maggie

I just received an order from Deborabh,, or Charming Maggie.  I ordered a couple eternity charms, baseball related harms, cat charms, and Kokopeli, which are hard to find.

I can’t tell you how over-pleased I am with the order and the service. There were special additional charms that I needed to know were there.  There were better charms than some I ordered, which only helps my business.

I can’t tell you enough how pleased I am with Charming Maggie.

Go visit and let them take care of you, too.



**I put in a second order of charms for the store.  I purchased “believe” (which you know is my word,) sand dollars, and star fish.  I put in a word that I had my eye on the heart in heart charms, for my next order.  I received 29 extra! 29!  I have shells, fish, different star fish, and a few i can’t figure out, haha.  These freebies are reason to go back and find more.  Of course I forgot to look at her ebay store which I’m going to now.** 

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