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I’m a Crafting Youtube Stalker

If you want to know how to do it, go to YouTube and you’ll probably find it.  That’s my new motto as I jumped into the deep end of some new to me crafting ideas.

It all started when I wondered what the heck was washi tape?  I know now and I’m only addicted to making mock versions with paper tape.

I feel so bad.  The crafters know everyone’s name and their YouTube page and reference them for credit and I feel craptastic about it because I’ve watched so many of them that I don’t know anyone’s name or their YouTube channel.  I’m just to knew to the game.

I quickly got addicted to making my own supplies to do some of the things I’m doing with journaling, faux washi tape (washi tape officially is only made in japan) and many other things in progress.

I’m thrilled to make some of these really expensive items from home and do it myself.

I’ve raided two Dollar Tree’s in North Charleston and Summerville, for all of their travel size cosmetic containers.  They are clear.  There is three in each bag.  Two bottles are flip top like for shampoo and lotion and suck and then there is either a pump container (think lotion) or a sprayer (think hair spray.) I was mostly interested in spray bottles but I figured out a way to make the other ones work, too.

These bottles are for water based color sprays and alcohol based sprays.  JOY!

Another trick I learned was to use Dollar Tree Eye Shadows like you would use glitter in your crafting.  I found two that had great colors, one with shimmery glitter.  I also found three bottles of powdered eye shadow.  That was exactly what I wanted the eye shadow for. I want to make it into powder for crafting.

Then I had a dilemma.  What was I going to put my powdered eye shadow in?  I looked around and everything was way too big for what I needed.  Then a light bulb went on in my head.  Moe’s uses little containers to serve their salsa!  I went in and asked for a manger.  I asked them if they could sell me 40-50 of the containers with lids.  She spent some time trying to figure out their cost for the product and couldn’t get another manager to answer the phone..  She just made a decision to sell me 100 for $6.  Then it was $5.50 when I paid.  Mission Accomplished and I’m so excited with my work ahead of me that I can’t sleep.

OH, BTW, E6000 does not stick tillandsia to a river rock.  I do all this testing before I offer things for sale in my Etsy store and this is another tillandsia failure.  I’m not sure that this is going to work out the way I wanted it to, for selling.  Business has its ups and downs and you win some and you lose some. I’m choosing to stay focused on my home made alcohol and water color sprays and faux glitter.

IF you are reading this and you  are the vlog that I learned some of these fun techniques, please speak up so I can give you credit where its deserved.

Thanks for reading. ~Heidi (I’ve over done it with my back today so I have to stay down and rest it, which is frustrating.  But there is always more stalking to do.. so off I go..  *grin*)

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