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What’s new around here and a second Etsy shoppe

I have another 3 tier dish together and drying.  I found these two plates and two bowls *only need one bowl* at the Good Will this evening. They have this pretty painted flower and greenery look and I put small cabbage roses with green stitched to the top of each small glass used to tier the dishes.  These glasses are what I went there for. Sorta..

I went to two Dollar Tree’s and only found one crystal looking candle stick.  There must be a run on them. Maybe Halloween? I have no idea. I just know that there aren’t any and I need them for my tier dish displays.

So off to the Good Will (1/2 mile from the house) we go.  If I didn’t find some type of clear candle stick, i wanted to find some type of small glass vase. Or something.  I found a couple items from the Dollar Tree there marked three times higher than the Dollar Tree.  Sometimes the prices, there, amaze me.

Anyway, I found this box of little glasses.  They are like small stemware but with some muscle.  Not that I knew at the time of purchase because the box was covered in clear shipping tape and I couldn’t touch them.  What good does that do? How can someone know if they want it if they have to guess what it is??

So we guessed it might work.  We guessed that they might hold some weight and not be too dainty to do the work of holding up other dishes.  You know how some martini glasses are real thin??  That’s what i mean.  I needed something pretty, dainty looking, with some muscle behind it to the job.

Well, they worked out great.  So they are both upright, with cabbage roses made from ribbon filled in each glass between two salad size plates and a cereal/soup size bowl. (I didn’t want to say soup because have you seen the size of soup bowls lately? No wonder America is over weight.)

So the dishes are curing. I won’t touch them until tomorrow.  I’m deathly worried someone will bump into little table where they are.. which if there is a premonition, its usually worth paying attention to, if you know what I mean.

This was my facebook update but it ended up being the size of a blog post, so here i am, sharing with the world instead of my little FB planet known just for me and mine. :)

Tomorrow I have a few more larger bowls, from the Dollar Tree to glue together. I don’t know if the glasses will wok or not.. They are bowls which work so much differently than plates.

Now, back to figuring out my second Etsy store that I seem to have lost.  I’d rather just be going to sleep, post this ice cream sandwich that is melting because i’m still typing. This his like a sad klondike commercial  TTFN ~H 

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