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Goals and Starting over as a “new blogger”

I had plans, at the beginning of the year, or the end of last year, to get back to blogging fulll-time. I gave myself a deadline of February 1st.

Well, you can see that didn’t happen.

With that said, I still have blogging goals and I still plan a big come back to all the blogz.  Writing has been difficult for me in the last six years due to some life changing events in my life. I’m ready to move on and learn to write/blog all over again.

The hardest part was that I couldn’t organize in my head what to write about. I just couldn’t get any words to come from my head out through my fingers.

So, I did a bunch of research on YouTube, and i learned about Bullet Journaling. I’m going to use this and my new blogging planner.  I was going to put links to these but I feel that I need to keep them into the other posts so others will read other posts to find out these things I’ve come across.

My business is on hold, right now, too.  I can’t get to my desk right now. I need to get more organized in all of my life.  I need to find a way to organize inventory so i can make it easier to have a place for it as its posted into the store.  Until I can do all of this, I need to keep the stores closed.  Things are going to change soon but until then, this is really depressing to look at all around me..

I have some ideas I need to sort out so I can start some series posting of things I’m learning about blogging, as if this is brand new to me. I have hundreds of blog posts among all of  the blogz,  but I feel like and I’m going to treat myself like a new blogger.

How have you broken a cycle of writers block or returning to blogging after big life changes?? 

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