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About This Blog

This blog is about the life and happenings of Heidi.  She is powered by Lindt dark with sea salt and Dr. Pepper ( This month its mandarin oranges. I’ve eatend a couple of cases and I’m going to Sam’s for more, asap. I thought I was sick of them. I stated that tonight. I didn’t lie. I just changed my mind.)  She is often moody and irritable.  She is patient and kind and has a great sense of humor, most of the time.  She has passions that will show in the posts on this blog.  Her passions include heath and nutrition, weight loss surgery, auto immune disorders, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, politics, and 8 million other things that don’t come to mind, at the moment.  This blog is a hodgepodge.

If you are interested in Family History, Heidi has a blog dedicated to that at

If you are a Foodie and interested in recipes and eating IN, Heidi has a frugal blog dedicated to that at From the Cheap Seatz. This blog covers many aspects of savings instead of earning.  Book lovers will love it here, too.

The Recipe blog is down right now, so the recipe links on FTCS are borked.  We are working to remedy this situation.  You patience is thankfully appreciated.

If you are spiritual or religious, you may find Peculiar Standardz a good blog to read. Its about Heidi’s studies and findings of the such. 

2 Responses to "About This Blog"

  1. Brian (whippingpostguy) says:

    It’s been a while, I was tracking down old online friends and ended up over here. Looks like you’ve been still dealing with medical challenges and I wish you the best in dealing with all those.

    Glad to see you still doing what you do best!

    Take care,



    1. cdzsimply says:


      I feel like I just took a walk down 360 lane! Thanks for finding me and sending a message. My accounts have been down with a billing error that I just fixed, so I was very happy to see something personal. Hope all is well with you. Please stay in touch. You still use Y for email. Have you lost your mind? I hope your family is well. I’ll email you later. Merry Christmas.

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