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About Heidi

heidisepiaHey there!

I’m Heidi. The Scribbler also known as Tess London. A Cali Girl transplanted to the LowCountry of South Carolina.

I’m a firm believer in accountability.. Where much is given, much IS required.

I believe that everyone can find and live their passions.

Some of my personal passions include Gardening, Cooking, Journaling, and Family History.

There is something magical about my hands playing in God’s dirt, while my bare feet caress Terra Firma.

I enjoy creating Kitchen Miracles from every-day simple pantry basics. There is nothing more fulfilling than being surrounded by smiling faces, with happy tummies.

Can one possibly have too many journals? They are the windows to my soul. They are my brain, unloaded. They feed the wordie, in me.

and Family History..

There is much to learn from History. I am fortunate to have been born with my integrity. My ancestors faced greater challenges than I ever will. Genealogy allowed them to leave their legacies behind, so I could learn from them. I find it a personal responsibility to make sure that memories, continue to always live.. in those that come after me..

My attraction to Vintage Ephemera, linens, and notions, comes from a desire to love something that was once loved by someone else.. to carry on the traditions of being pleased with what already exists.. and finding joy in yesterday.

I am also passionate about life-long learning, self-discipline, creative expression, dance, and music.

I support hand-made products and self-sustenance.

I believe in hand-made.

I believe in taking prudent action, to prepare for the uncertainties of tomorrow.

The greatest blessing we’ve been given, as human beings, is Agency. We all have a choice. Every new dawn gives us another chance to make better choices..

If we truly leave Judgment to the Master, we can live more fulfilling lives. It is not our burden to carry.

Thank you, for taking this little stroll with me. I look forward to following the footprints you may leave behind you.

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