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I guess they call them books or folios or something like that ::giggle::

ShareTweet I’m still addicted to YT and I’ve been trying to learn how to make these folio book things. I’ve gone over a tutorial about three times now. I’m trying to commit as much as I can to memory because of all the tut’s I’ve seen, this one is the most detailed, uses no glue in the binding and just is my favorite, so far. Three parts I’ll put below: Now, just for fun, I thought I’d include a peek at some of the finished foto folios that I wish I was talented enough to create or had a gold mine of money to buy kits. These are my favorite yummies so far, as well: Here is a convertible album in a box: I”M IN LOVE WITH THIS PAPER: Thanks for spending … Read entire article »

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Cat and The Hat Yarn Bomb

ShareTweet I found it! IF this is your photo, I’d love to give you credit for it, just comment and I’ll get right on that. I love this yarn bombing.  I think its the best one I’ve seen so far.  It inspired me to find such wonderful statues to yarn bomb. I’m sure I could do this more than I’d TP someone’s house.. which probably is on the same side of the law.  I won’t admit it. Ha!   Related articles Yarn Bombing and Fibromyalgia … Read entire article »

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Blogging Love and Pet Peeves

ShareTweet I don’t vlog, yet, but I ran into a series of #cantremember blogging loves and pet peeves vlogs.  See how informative I am with memory? LOL So, anyway, I thought I’d chime in. What I love about Blogging: Community/Tribe. I’m trying to find mine again. About Us/Me pages. I want to know you and your blog. Research and Memories.. the fading memory is posted.. and can be re-read. So if I’m blogging for just me, I’m okay with that, too. See my non cooperative numbering.  Thanks wordpress. 4. Meeting people in real life, at conferences and almost already knowing them because I’ve stalked their blogs.  Weird too. 5. Doing things I wouldn’t ordinarily do.  Finding and trying new recipes when I can cook, again, and bring back 6. Listing who you read.  Blogs you love. Inspiration. Your tribe.  … Read entire article »

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Dear Angry Parent of Teenage Daughter

ShareTweet Dear Angry Parent of a Teenage Daughter, You went about this all wrong.  You made a video that is going viral on the world wide web. The problem is the only one benefiting from all of this is iTunes and Facebook.  You could have gone about this in many different ways, to get, at least, your $130 back. Shooting up her laptop is just proving that idiots own Guns.  I am a Gun Owner. I would never do such a thing. Now put my kids laptop up on eBay, or make them do it, in front of me.. YES. I’m there. Have her donate the laptop to a charity. YES. I’m there. Destroying it was just your way of being another stupid parent.. Love, Another parent that thinks you should have hosted this video yourself and profited to … Read entire article »

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Welcome Spring!

ShareTweet   Spring has brought us the nice yellow cars.  Pine pollen is just so out of control.  Even my oregano is spotted yellow.  Please bring the rain. The garden boxes are almost ready to plant.  You’ll see the progress at Field of Dreamz From the Cheap Seatz. … Read entire article »

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Do you Struggle to Organize your Blog Strategies like I do?

ShareTweet I found this fantastic calendar and its free to print. It prints a week in landscape and gives you sections in the left column: Post/Guest Post Emails/LIst Promos/Comments Ideas Its exact what I need to plan ahead fo weekly things that I do and idea brainstorm blog posts now and ahead of time. Get yours free today.  You don’t have to sign up for anything.  I signed up for tips in email after I printed it and put holes in it and stuffed it into a red binder.  I’m so excited I had to share.  Print Your Planning Calendar Today.   … Read entire article »

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I’ve been blogging five years now! Amazing..

ShareTweet I began blogging in 2005. It took me a little thought to think of that date.  (Luckily its programmed in the html of the widget.) I never would have thought five years and three laptops later, I’d be at the beginning of a new blogging life.  The big blog hack and crash, of 2010, has had its toll on my patience and some days its hard to remember all the hundreds of posts are not here, anymore. I’ll continue to dig through the back doors, and bring forward some of those lost treasures. As the holidays are in full swing around us, I almost refuse to leave my house, to sit in traffic or wait in any lines. IF I can’t have it easily, I won’t have it at all! I’m thankful for … Read entire article »

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Why I Wist – a peek inside me

ShareTweet my wists When I first found out about, I started adding fun things, to it, to give others an impression of what I like.. it was like a way to introduce me to others.. silently. I didn’t do it for gifts. I didn’t do it for the shopping aspect. I did it to share what I like, what I notice, what I see.. I didn’t really look at it as a shopping social network, because I didn’t really use it that way. Last Christmas, I streamed my wist list, here, on the blog, because I was constantly being faced with answering questions that the wist list could answer for me. And I got a camera, as a gift. Nice. Thanks family. I love you, too. But, this year, … Read entire article »

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I have no left or right brain!

ShareTweet Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz The higher of these two numbers below indicates which side of your brain has dominance in your life. Realizing your right brain/left brain tendency will help you interact with and to understand others. Left Brain Dominance: (16) Right Brain Dominance: (16) Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz … Read entire article »

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