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I guess they call them books or folios or something like that ::giggle::

ShareTweet I’m still addicted to YT and I’ve been trying to learn how to make these folio book things. I’ve gone over a tutorial about three times now. I’m trying to commit as much as I can to memory because of all the tut’s I’ve seen, this one is the most detailed, uses no glue in the binding and just is my favorite, so far. Three parts I’ll put below: Now, just for fun, I thought I’d include a peek at some of the finished foto folios that I wish I was talented enough to create or had a gold mine of money to buy kits. These are my favorite yummies so far, as well: Here is a convertible album in a box: I”M IN LOVE WITH THIS PAPER: Thanks for spending … Read entire article »

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I’m addicted to stick pins and hat pins

ShareTweet I’ve been making many hat pins. When I get them all gllued together, I’ll take pictures and show them to you with links to my Etsy Page. I wanted to share a video of the nicest stick pins I’ve seen on YouTube.  This are so beautiful: … Read entire article »

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I’m a Crafting Youtube Stalker

ShareTweet If you want to know how to do it, go to YouTube and you’ll probably find it.  That’s my new motto as I jumped into the deep end of some new to me crafting ideas. It all started when I wondered what the heck was washi tape?  I know now and I’m only addicted to making mock versions with paper tape. I feel so bad.  The crafters know everyone’s name and their YouTube page and reference them for credit and I feel craptastic about it because I’ve watched so many of them that I don’t know anyone’s name or their YouTube channel.  I’m just to knew to the game. I quickly got addicted to making my own supplies to do some of the things I’m doing with journaling, faux washi tape (washi tape … Read entire article »

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Etsy Store on its way

ShareTweet I know I’ve been saying this for months. Maybe even years. But TOS has changed.  Girlie and I are doing this.  We have departments, whatever they are called.  We have a name with a .net, but what the hell. Its truly happening.  We have product.  We are on our way.   All my strength comes from Nora Walker.  If you know what this means, comment.  :) … Read entire article »

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Soapbox in the name of Obamacare and Free Enterprise

ShareTweet It takes something extraordinary, these days, to get me to hurt myself, physically, to open this lappie.. but here she blogs… Okay.  At first, I didn’t know what to say (great opening for a debate, eh?)  No, this is not a debate.  These are some facts, that are personal, and not up for debate. I consider Home Delivered Pizza a privilege and convenience food.  I could care less if the pie went up a dollar each. BUT.. This is just the beginning of getting our heads out of the sand.  I have kept my politics out of blog all year, which means I’ve been stewing to spew forth.. Obamacare is the beginning of something so ugly that I’ve not been wanting to talk about it. I’m depressed.  You should be, too. Before Obamacare, I had to stop … Read entire article »

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How to Make Authentic looking Starfish from Salt Dough

ShareTweet I just love star fish.  This is an easy way to use conformity to a craft.. especially in one color.  I would like someone to make them for me. about 10 or 25.. ha  hint hint Learn how to make these at Desperate Craftwives: Salt Dough Starfish Garland. … Read entire article »

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For the Love of Home Made Soup

ShareTweet Don’t get distracted by the wonderful gingerbread or the toffee.. or the whole sweet sensation going on.. GO LOOK AT THE SOUPS! … Read entire article »

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All I want for Christmas is something slouchy and warm! :)

ShareTweet Let’s see how well Kwout can perform for us.. I <3 these: Lush Slouch Grey by megsknitshit on Etsy via kwout Handknit Stylish Neckwarmer/Cowl in a Color called by knitsnfrills via kwout TODAY ONLY SALE Hooded Scarf by Zarina2009 on Etsy via kwout Handmade wool scarfshawl blackwhitesmoke by italiacraft on Etsy via kwout and this: Cowl Hood Neck Scarf Espresso Brown … Read entire article »

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Home Made Cleaners Examined

ShareTweet Image via WikipediaI’m going through some changes.. in my HM cleaning type recipes.. HM Dishwasher Soap I’ve been stretching my powdered Cascade, for about a year now. I did try to just go to HM powder, but the film, on the dishes just wasn’t working. Even white vinegar was not helping the film. Upon some research, I noticed that many others were mixing Dollar Store Dishwasher Soap, with their borax and baking soda, to cut the film. I just kept buying my powdered Cascade at Sam’s, and used it as one part, of three.. 1 part Cascade Powder 1 part Borax 1 part Baking Soda I am going to experiment, now, though, with Citric Acid, in place of the Cascade. Citric Acid is the common “dishwasher cleaner” ingredient. I bought some from WholeSalesSuppliesPlus and … Read entire article »

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OH, the Taco!

ShareTweet Image by simply_carolina_dreamz via Flickr I adore tacos. We’ve been eating them all week. I’m hoping to have a more creative menu next week. Don’t hold your breath, though. My creativity is disabled, at the moment. *blink blink* I prefer corn tortillas. I love flour tortillas, too, though. Especially fresh home-made flour tortillas. In my book, tacos should crunch. Crunch is a relative term, though. I’ve decided there are some must-have’s in the taco world.. My taco must have: meat cheese lettuce That’s it. If we don’t have meat, cheese, or lettuce, we can’t have tacos. Bonus items include: Beans (Kidney or Pinto) Fresh Tomatoes Salsa Chopped Cilantro (Yes. I’m one of those people.) Sour Cream Guacamole Bacon (hahaha.. I’ve never had bacon on a taco.) Onions (fresh or sauteed) Cooked peppers (I prefer red, orange, or yellow bell peppers.) Jalapeno’s (I prefer them pickled.) What did … Read entire article »

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