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What I’ve learned from Facebook lately..

ShareTweet   Friendship is a sheltering tree. ~Samuel Taylor Coleridge I’ve always said I have a love/hate relationship with FaceBook.  I love gathering with friends, old and new, and tons of extended family.  Its nice to lend a hug when someone is in need and its always nice to receive a hug when my day is not going all that grand.  I love being back in touch with all my cousins, too.  I, also love all my new local friends that i’ve made since I moved to South Carolina.  Its nice to keep in touch with friends we have had to leave behind when we’ve moved. I hate that FaceBook knows things about my family or friends before I do.  I hate that FaceBook wants to know everything.  I hate misunderstandings caused by lack … Read entire article »

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Bi-Lo introduces Chef’s Catch Seafood Line

ShareTweet I was fortunate to be invited to the Super Bi-Lo, in Hanahan, for a taste testing of Bi-Lo’s new Seafood Line, called Chef’s Catch. From their site: Satisfying your next craving for restaurant-quality seafood, just became affordable and convenient!  You no longer have to dress up and dine out to enjoy the same freshness, quality and selection a restaurant can provide. With our new Chef’s Catch Fresh Seafood, the only thing we won’t match is the restaurant-quality price. The Press Release mentions the color coding system, they’ve chosen for this new line of seafood. Fresh, Never Frozen is Blue Previously Frozen at sea is Purple Ready to Cook (seasoned or marinated) is in Orange The Chef’s Catch Line includes pre-packaged, ready to cook, restaurant-quality seafood, to include Salmon Filets and Steaks Tilapia Rainbow Trout Steelhead Trout Wild Ocean Perch Cod Haddock Flounder Sea … Read entire article »

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Kohl’s is a Deal Maker

ShareTweet So much has been given, to me, from Kohl’s since I figured out how to Play their game. Last month, I signed up for a Kohl’s charge card.  I was buying some sterling silver jewelry, that was already 60% off and the speaker above my head kept telling me I could get an additional 15% off if I opened an account. I figured that if I don’t keep a running balance on this card, I won’t have to worry about their horrendous percentage rate. Since I opened that card, though, I’ve had many unexpected surprises. @HeatherSolos and I braved shopping, one afternoon, and a package of knives, that I had been wanting to buy was on sale.  As I reached to pick up this three-pack of sharp kitchen knives, the package split and all … Read entire article »

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Bi-Lo Kohl’s non coupon offer

ShareTweet As a follow-up to my Bi-Lo post, the other day, I wanted to let you know that there is a fantastic deal promotion if you buy Kohl’s gift cards at Bi-Lo. You would get the free $10 Bi-Lo gift card and you’d get .20 cents in feul perks rewards, by buying $200 in Kohl’s Gift cards, from your local Bi-Lo.  Offer expires 8/17/2010. **disclosure: SimplyCarolinaDreamz received a beautiful gift bag, some coupons for an upcoming promotion,  and $50 in free Bi-Lo Gift Cards** … Read entire article »

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