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Tribe Huntering has been Halted, now I’m starting one and I may want you!

ShareTweet I’ve been spending so much time looking to join a new tribe and that hasn’t been working. Life and blogging slowed down when i lost my tribe. So I’m starting a new Tribe and I may be looking for you! If you are looking for a tribe, check me out and check out what we have to show. We are at the beginning, ground zero and we could use some help getting it all sorted out. We don’t have a meeting spot. We don’t have any schedules? These are all things that we’ll work out as we start this tribe. I’m looking for those interested in family history, those recovering from a loss to ALS, Someone who blog about a mix of niches, Someone who has similar conservative political views that i have.  Somone that … Read entire article »

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Goals and Starting over as a “new blogger”

ShareTweet I had plans, at the beginning of the year, or the end of last year, to get back to blogging fulll-time. I gave myself a deadline of February 1st. Well, you can see that didn’t happen. With that said, I still have blogging goals and I still plan a big come back to all the blogz.  Writing has been difficult for me in the last six years due to some life changing events in my life. I’m ready to move on and learn to write/blog all over again. The hardest part was that I couldn’t organize in my head what to write about. I just couldn’t get any words to come from my head out through my fingers. So, I did a bunch of research on YouTube, and i learned about Bullet Journaling. I’m … Read entire article »

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My day is done..

ShareTweet My work day has ended.  I can now get to reading blogs and getting some of my own planned out. Maybe. I’m tired.  I put more tiger balm on my neck, lit a candle, turned the fan on low, turned off the overhead light and kept just the twinkle light strand on and well, here I am. I was going to glue some hat pins together but my glossy accents is giving me fits and even a pin didn’t work and I’ll figure it out tomorrow. I poked a hole, slit, through the side of my other bottle so I need to finish one and pour into the other or trade tips is probably an easier way. I organized more in my room. Almost cleared out the foyer. I can see table … Read entire article »

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I’m addicted to stick pins and hat pins

ShareTweet I’ve been making many hat pins. When I get them all gllued together, I’ll take pictures and show them to you with links to my Etsy Page. I wanted to share a video of the nicest stick pins I’ve seen on YouTube.  This are so beautiful: … Read entire article »

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American debt in the National Debt

ShareTweet (This is my 200th post on this blog) My daughter, across the country, at BYU-Idaho called me today.  She had some questions about a cool class she had,, today in her finance class. She wanted to know about bonds.  She has one from a long time ago, from my BIL who passed away at 24 in an auto accident. She wanted to know if she could find out its value today.  I told her I didn’t know and she asked if it had her ssn on it and I told her it does.  Then I told her she couldn’t trust that a website was “real” and to not give her ssn number out, over the Internet.  She asked what kind of bond she had. (EE) Then she alarmed me.  She said “did you … Read entire article »

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Etsy Store on its way

ShareTweet I know I’ve been saying this for months. Maybe even years. But TOS has changed.  Girlie and I are doing this.  We have departments, whatever they are called.  We have a name with a .net, but what the hell. Its truly happening.  We have product.  We are on our way.   All my strength comes from Nora Walker.  If you know what this means, comment.  :) … Read entire article »

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My experience with Dr. Tavel and Pain Specialists of Charleston

ShareTweet Okay.  So where do I start? I started seeing a Pain Specialist, when my doctor felt that he couldn’t be responsible for my pain management.  After an MRI, One of the PA’s at Pain Specialists of Charleston read the report and freaked out, briefly. Then she immediately prescribed opioid prescriptions for me.  It was like a light went on and they finally realized “oh this must hurt” really? So, then I was faced with the whole SC State Controlled informed consent paperwork. I chose one doctor and one pharmacy.  Along with this, I was introduced with monthly urinalysis. Before I go any further, I want you to know that my monthly urinalysis, is done through this doctor’s office, and billed through them, not through the lab, directly.  This bill is $1150/month.  Per month!!! Because … Read entire article »

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Living withing Reach

ShareTweet I’ve considered over and over if I should write this post. I’ve been giving a lot about my personal life away, lately, for the sake of honesty and integrity in blogging and hoping that others out there don’t think that they are alone, in any way. I live within reach. This means that everything I may need or want has to be within reach of me. I fell off the bed, the other night, trying to reach for something.  I yelled “help” for over an hour, before someone in my house, woke up for other reasons and could hear me.  Helping me up was torture and only added to my pain, but I’m okay. But, this only re-enforces the idea of living within reach..  Except for when I was on the floor I’m in … Read entire article »

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I’m a depressed adult born of a depressed adult

ShareTweet For the most part, I don’t write about my depression.  I only try to keep this blog full of the good times.  Hence the emptiness in the last year or two. Something happened to me two weeks ago, though.  I found me again.  That’s the only way I can describe it.  I could set aside the war torn, tossed and turned life I’ve lived, and think of things to write about again. A battle emerged on my Facebook page, the other night, and my “grandmother” said something about stepping back and re-evaluating how I felt.  I deleted all the posts related to this entanglement. For the first time I saw and realized that many read and don’t comment. I realized they were there. I wished someone a Happy Birthday and in their Thank-you, they … Read entire article »

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Pharmaceutical Wars

ShareTweet I have a new long term extended release medication.  Its controlled.  I’m not allowed to get it filled until the day before or the day you run out of the current medication. Guess what, though? (Almost had it hijacked cuz I couldn’t pee.. in the cup) CVS doesn’t have it and won’t have it, by order, for 2-3 days. None in the area have it. Umm..  that’s so unacceptable. Make me wait until the last minute and then make me go without.  That’s health care for you. Any non controlled medication must be faxed into the insurance company to be mail ordered. Last month, one of my pain medications was increased to 6mg, from 4mg.  I called the pharmacy to get a refill ordered.  They never filled. I went back to the doctor, the next month … Read entire article »

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I’m digitally inept

ShareTweet If I was writing on paper for a paper distribution, like a newpaper or newsletter, I’d get so much more accomplished. Especially pretty paper. As it isl , I have a gazillion tabs open trying to put them into a congruent fashion into a post. What is wtong with me:? … Read entire article »

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Dear Angry Parent of Teenage Daughter

ShareTweet Dear Angry Parent of a Teenage Daughter, You went about this all wrong.  You made a video that is going viral on the world wide web. The problem is the only one benefiting from all of this is iTunes and Facebook.  You could have gone about this in many different ways, to get, at least, your $130 back. Shooting up her laptop is just proving that idiots own Guns.  I am a Gun Owner. I would never do such a thing. Now put my kids laptop up on eBay, or make them do it, in front of me.. YES. I’m there. Have her donate the laptop to a charity. YES. I’m there. Destroying it was just your way of being another stupid parent.. Love, Another parent that thinks you should have hosted this video yourself and profited to … Read entire article »

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Finding My New Tribe

ShareTweet I’ve been lost. I was born into a family and raised by a village. But after you grow up, you have to surround yourselves with those that make you feel good and help you put one foot in front of the other.  This is your tribe. I realized I’ve lost my tribe. American journalist and writer Jane Howard is credited with the following quote: “Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family.  Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.” I found these 12 steps important. As I look to find a new tribe, I’ve come across many new things: Sisters in Bloom is a Christian Woman Community. (in)courage has a new (in)RL (In real life) and there is a group in Mt Pleasant/Charleston. I don’t … Read entire article »

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Have you seen the commercial about the lady on the laying on the couch in the mall?

ShareTweet This particular commercial about the lady on the red couch in the middle of the mall is about migraines and 1/2 living. I have to relate this situation and peek at how my life is.  I’m holding down my couch. I can see the Endo in the end of January, and I made the appointment in October. Now, new problem and I’m seriously considering a complete hysterectomy like my hematologist wants.  This health is just getting to the point of ridiculous. I’m the one on the red couch..  think of me when you see it. Life is moving around me. Well, what more can I say? The only test that came back abnormal was my upper high cholesterol. The HDL?  What a zoo. … Read entire article »

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Tricare and Blue Cross are being banned from Walgreens RX in 2012

ShareTweet A few months ago, my daughter had to sign a petition, at Walgreens to save her ability to keep using Walgreens for her prescription needs. Last week, I was informed, over the phone and then, again, this afternoon, at the pharmacy..  Many insurance companies are not going to allow us to use the major pharmacies in the near future. Right now, I can fill two maintenance medications locally.  Then I have to get a 90 day prescription and use the insurance company’s pharmacy.. When mistakes happen, which just recently happened to me, we are stuck with 90 days worth of a useless product or not enough after you’ve paid your bill. Its all a mess and only going to get worse. God Bless America. … Read entire article »

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Strike Three – You’re Out!

ShareTweet My medical doctor has a serious problem. I have a serious problem because of it. I’m out of options of where to go for primary care so I’m avoiding primary care. First Strike: My medical doctor had me sign a contract that said I would only get my Ambien from him and only at CVS pharmacy near my home. When I called for a refill and waited three or four days for it to be called in, I happened to send my son to the Walgreens to get some other prescriptions, for me… and guess what else he brought home? My Ambien. Who broke that contract? Strike Two: My insurance company only allows two months of maintenance medications at my local pharmacy of choice and then I must get a … Read entire article »

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Embrace Vulnerability

ShareTweet     Its okay to be vulnerable. Its okay to show who I really am. Its okay to be afraid, and get positive about it. I can become who I want to be. … Read entire article »

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An 800 pound Gorilla wants to pee in my Cheerios

ShareTweet The best way to explain it is to copy/paste the emails to you, removing all the guilty party logos, names, and email addresses.  Then  you tell me what you think. First, you’ve heard of right? is a Public Feed Reader.  I enjoy gathering my Feeds to read there, so I can easily categorize and read for the curating I do.  I made a mistake, though.  I decided to make a genealogy one and name is after my genealogy site .com and well, umm, that might just make this an dirtier pee than I’m thinking, right now. Okay, here we go: Hello Heidi (name deleted to protect the gorilla) here from (name deleted to protect the gorilla).  I’ve had several inquiries via email this morning about the feeds at Family Hugz.)(** note ** … Read entire article »

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Blog Education Learning Overload – Ebooks I need to read (and so do you)

ShareTweet There are some fantastic bloggers out there that can teach you so much about “blogging better” for SEO traffic. Many are really good at interlinking their own materials and setting a standard that all bloggers should follow. Even the big foot steps can be walked in to learn styles and improve your own posts and writing.  I’m interstested in reading the all, as you should, too. I wanted to bring three ebooks to your attention: The first one is Kelby Carr’s Mom Blog SEO: Mom Blog SEO includes: How to find the best keyword phrases to drive the right readers for your blog Tactics that take a couple minutes before each post and can dramatically increase your traffic How to target the right readers and stop attracting the wrong ones How to boost your … Read entire article »

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10 Things we learned driving through Texas

ShareTweet The daytime speed limit< for non commercial vehicles,  is 80 mph. Plan your trip accordingly and only drive in the daytime. Free wifi at every rest stop, but there are more parking spots and picnic spots than rest stops on I-10.  So don’t need to pee. It takes allll day to drive through Texas. Never go on a road trip with someone with gas. (name held to protect the guilty.) :) There are no radio stations worth listening to, if you don’t speak Spanish or live back in the 60’s. Three Four words: Jack in the Box. Tacos baby. We saw a gasoline price sign that said 7.77 cents. We don’t think they get much business. There are very few gas stations in the 80 mph zone. Make your reservations, on price line, for closer destination, so you … Read entire article »

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Best Blog Background Sound I’ve ever heard

ShareTweet I’m very anti blog background sound. I, usually, surf, with my sound muted. I love music. I just don’t love being scared silly, surprised, or even offended by someone elses different choices.. so I choose to avoid it. I had one blog that friends had loved the piano self-started background sound.. but that was an exception to my rule of background sound. Now, today, I happened on a site, browsing for digital scrapbook paper, and I started to hear birds.. and it started so subtly, that I thought they were outside my window, and not on my speakers! Here, you listen. Doesn’t it make you feel a little warmer?  I think I’m already ready for Spring. … Read entire article »

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I’ve been blogging five years now! Amazing..

ShareTweet I began blogging in 2005. It took me a little thought to think of that date.  (Luckily its programmed in the html of the widget.) I never would have thought five years and three laptops later, I’d be at the beginning of a new blogging life.  The big blog hack and crash, of 2010, has had its toll on my patience and some days its hard to remember all the hundreds of posts are not here, anymore. I’ll continue to dig through the back doors, and bring forward some of those lost treasures. As the holidays are in full swing around us, I almost refuse to leave my house, to sit in traffic or wait in any lines. IF I can’t have it easily, I won’t have it at all! I’m thankful for … Read entire article »

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Another year is flying past us..

ShareTweet Tomorrow starts December.  When did the whole year just go away? So much has gone on in this last year.  My head spins just thinking about it. I think the whirlwind started, for me, about 18 months ago, when my father passed away.  Nothing has been really “right” since then.  Its not that I had this great relationship with him or was very close to him.. its just that he’s gone and there is no chance, anymore, for any of that. I got back in touch with some of my cousins and some of my mother’s cousins.  Erin just had a sweet little baby girl.  That changes you and she’s all grown up and married now.  (I’m old.) I added Tracy and Brandi to my Facebook.  I look forward to more communication from them.  … Read entire article »

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The new form of DeadBeat Parents..

ShareTweet I’ve been wanting to blog about this subject for over a year but it was hard for me to consider that I really might tick some people off by what I’m going to say. Wednesday, I pulled into CVS, next to a car that was running, with rather loud music playing. The ONLY real problem I had about this is there was a child in the back seat, by himself. I want to say he was five or six.. but what is wrong with people? You can’t just leave them to run in and get something at a pharmacy. I’ve, recently encountered a worse situation, outside of Blockbuster and BB’s attitude about the “problem not being their problem” pissed me off even more. Both of these times I didn’t have … Read entire article »

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I didn’t fall off the Face of the Earth.. at least, not quite..

ShareTweet I’m finally feeling better and then yesterday a huge tooth filling fell out. So in I went for an emergency walk-in with my wonderful dentist, who told me in Facebook Message that he’d be in at 8:30am. This tooth is behind the eye tooth, desperately needs a crown and probably needs a root canal first, because of the pain problems that it has. So, we had a couple of options. First, we could root canal the tooth and temporary crown it until January, with more insurance available and do a three tooth bridge. Second, we could extract the tooth, leaving the eye tooth (that also needs a crown) and the molar behind, that also needs a crown, as the major holding spots for a four tooth crown. When weighing the financial options, now that I have … Read entire article »

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