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My day is done..

ShareTweet My work day has ended.  I can now get to reading blogs and getting some of my own planned out. Maybe. I’m tired.  I put more tiger balm on my neck, lit a candle, turned the fan on low, turned off the overhead light and kept just the twinkle light strand on and well, here I am. I was going to glue some hat pins together but my glossy accents is giving me fits and even a pin didn’t work and I’ll figure it out tomorrow. I poked a hole, slit, through the side of my other bottle so I need to finish one and pour into the other or trade tips is probably an easier way. I organized more in my room. Almost cleared out the foyer. I can see table … Read entire article »

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I’m digitally inept

ShareTweet If I was writing on paper for a paper distribution, like a newpaper or newsletter, I’d get so much more accomplished. Especially pretty paper. As it isl , I have a gazillion tabs open trying to put them into a congruent fashion into a post. What is wtong with me:? … Read entire article »

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Dear Angry Parent of Teenage Daughter

ShareTweet Dear Angry Parent of a Teenage Daughter, You went about this all wrong.  You made a video that is going viral on the world wide web. The problem is the only one benefiting from all of this is iTunes and Facebook.  You could have gone about this in many different ways, to get, at least, your $130 back. Shooting up her laptop is just proving that idiots own Guns.  I am a Gun Owner. I would never do such a thing. Now put my kids laptop up on eBay, or make them do it, in front of me.. YES. I’m there. Have her donate the laptop to a charity. YES. I’m there. Destroying it was just your way of being another stupid parent.. Love, Another parent that thinks you should have hosted this video yourself and profited to … Read entire article »

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Tricare and Blue Cross are being banned from Walgreens RX in 2012

ShareTweet A few months ago, my daughter had to sign a petition, at Walgreens to save her ability to keep using Walgreens for her prescription needs. Last week, I was informed, over the phone and then, again, this afternoon, at the pharmacy..  Many insurance companies are not going to allow us to use the major pharmacies in the near future. Right now, I can fill two maintenance medications locally.  Then I have to get a 90 day prescription and use the insurance company’s pharmacy.. When mistakes happen, which just recently happened to me, we are stuck with 90 days worth of a useless product or not enough after you’ve paid your bill. Its all a mess and only going to get worse. God Bless America. … Read entire article »

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10 Things we learned driving through Texas

ShareTweet The daytime speed limit< for non commercial vehicles,  is 80 mph. Plan your trip accordingly and only drive in the daytime. Free wifi at every rest stop, but there are more parking spots and picnic spots than rest stops on I-10.  So don’t need to pee. It takes allll day to drive through Texas. Never go on a road trip with someone with gas. (name held to protect the guilty.) :) There are no radio stations worth listening to, if you don’t speak Spanish or live back in the 60’s. Three Four words: Jack in the Box. Tacos baby. We saw a gasoline price sign that said 7.77 cents. We don’t think they get much business. There are very few gas stations in the 80 mph zone. Make your reservations, on price line, for closer destination, so you … Read entire article »

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Best Blog Background Sound I’ve ever heard

ShareTweet I’m very anti blog background sound. I, usually, surf, with my sound muted. I love music. I just don’t love being scared silly, surprised, or even offended by someone elses different choices.. so I choose to avoid it. I had one blog that friends had loved the piano self-started background sound.. but that was an exception to my rule of background sound. Now, today, I happened on a site, browsing for digital scrapbook paper, and I started to hear birds.. and it started so subtly, that I thought they were outside my window, and not on my speakers! Here, you listen. Doesn’t it make you feel a little warmer?  I think I’m already ready for Spring. … Read entire article »

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The new form of DeadBeat Parents..

ShareTweet I’ve been wanting to blog about this subject for over a year but it was hard for me to consider that I really might tick some people off by what I’m going to say. Wednesday, I pulled into CVS, next to a car that was running, with rather loud music playing. The ONLY real problem I had about this is there was a child in the back seat, by himself. I want to say he was five or six.. but what is wrong with people? You can’t just leave them to run in and get something at a pharmacy. I’ve, recently encountered a worse situation, outside of Blockbuster and BB’s attitude about the “problem not being their problem” pissed me off even more. Both of these times I didn’t have … Read entire article »

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I didn’t fall off the Face of the Earth.. at least, not quite..

ShareTweet I’m finally feeling better and then yesterday a huge tooth filling fell out. So in I went for an emergency walk-in with my wonderful dentist, who told me in Facebook Message that he’d be in at 8:30am. This tooth is behind the eye tooth, desperately needs a crown and probably needs a root canal first, because of the pain problems that it has. So, we had a couple of options. First, we could root canal the tooth and temporary crown it until January, with more insurance available and do a three tooth bridge. Second, we could extract the tooth, leaving the eye tooth (that also needs a crown) and the molar behind, that also needs a crown, as the major holding spots for a four tooth crown. When weighing the financial options, now that I have … Read entire article »

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Why I Wist – a peek inside me

ShareTweet my wists When I first found out about, I started adding fun things, to it, to give others an impression of what I like.. it was like a way to introduce me to others.. silently. I didn’t do it for gifts. I didn’t do it for the shopping aspect. I did it to share what I like, what I notice, what I see.. I didn’t really look at it as a shopping social network, because I didn’t really use it that way. Last Christmas, I streamed my wist list, here, on the blog, because I was constantly being faced with answering questions that the wist list could answer for me. And I got a camera, as a gift. Nice. Thanks family. I love you, too. But, this year, … Read entire article »

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Getting the hang of going back to school..

ShareTweet I think I’m, finally, getting the hang of online courses.  I do think a brick and mortar classroom would be easier.  I spent most of my time, last week, trying to figure out when things are due and what’s expected. I still have no word on my Federal loans. I managed to write my first paper draft, and a couple of essays, in English Comp.  I’ve been very active in the discussion boards in my marketing class.  I’ve typed my heart out in keyboarding lessons and time tests.  I’ve learned how to use the drop box in CPT 101.  I even aced a couple of quizzes. I even managed to blog a couple of times and to curate for bliss reads, too. Let’s hope next week is as fruitful. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOUIS HORWITZ ~ I … Read entire article »

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Going back to College Nightmarez

ShareTweet I thought it might be nice to keep record, in blog, of my plans to go back to College. I thought I might skip putting this into blog, because it has truly been one nightmare after another, to try to get enrolled at TTC. Communication is a hard thing to do on the campus. One person tells you something, that another tells you, differently, the very next day. I did much better on my entrance exams, than I thought I would do.. I guess all these years of homeschooling has kept much, fresh, in my mind.  I remember zero Trig, though.  Hmmm to that. I was able to go to a live session of orientation, even though I really wanted to go against what I was being advised, and have online classes. I found the … Read entire article »

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Secret Confessions of Blue

ShareTweet I have some quirks.  Don’t laugh, yet. I don’t eat Blue M&M’s.  I don’t know why.  In my mind, they seem to have more dye, in them, than other colors and I find it offensive. (Two times, recently, I’ve eaten blue M&M’s.  In a movie theater, I closed my eyes so I couldn’t see what color any were.) Okay, now I’m laughing at how stupid that is. It’s really about the blue. In the 1980’s my life was True Blue and Mauve.  Wasn’t yours?  Yeah, well.. I get irritated when I check into a resort or hotel and the sheets are blue, too.  Baby blue is the worst color for bed sheets.  Who thought of that? I don’t mind blue/white or blue/cream toile in those rosey patterns. I own blue dishes.  I eat off of them.  … Read entire article »

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Virtual Assistant for hire

ShareTweet I quite my job after two hours. I choose to refrain from telling you why. I guess I’m going to school and hoping for more blog clients that need some organization. I’m trying to be positive about this. Going to watch Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED talk again. … Read entire article »

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0600 and my world is about to change

ShareTweet I could sleep for another hour and a half, but today is a big day and my body has decided now would be a good time to be up. I quit drinking coffee, and yet, here I sit, just wishing something warm was in my hands. I’m a/c cold, this morning. A summer norm, for me. I had a very productive day yesterday. I filled out my FAFSA, online, and applied to go back to school. I have to go in, this morning, and see if I did everything right and take in all my legal documents proving I’m eligible to go to school and such. I have my taxes but can’t find the W2’s. Now, logically, this shouldn’t be a problem, but somehow I think its going … Read entire article »

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Keepin’ it Real : What’s been up in the last few months

ShareTweet I’ve been thinking long and hard about writing this post.  I think its necessary as I rebuilt, from ground zero. The last year has been very difficult for me.  I’ve struggled to find my own identity, as I mourned and grieved, after burying my father.  I branched away from blogging because I just couldn’t keep my thoughts straight, enough, to write about anything. I’m over thankful for my great friends who have kept their faith in me, that I could come back to the blogging I once loved so much.  And, with that thought, I do feel I am back. Being hacked, a few months ago, was a serious invasion of my privacy, for no one’s real benefit.  I don’t know who enjoyed messing with me so blatantly.  I have no faith that … Read entire article »

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