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What I’ve learned from Facebook lately..

ShareTweet   Friendship is a sheltering tree. ~Samuel Taylor Coleridge I’ve always said I have a love/hate relationship with FaceBook.  I love gathering with friends, old and new, and tons of extended family.  Its nice to lend a hug when someone is in need and its always nice to receive a hug when my day is not going all that grand.  I love being back in touch with all my cousins, too.  I, also love all my new local friends that i’ve made since I moved to South Carolina.  Its nice to keep in touch with friends we have had to leave behind when we’ve moved. I hate that FaceBook knows things about my family or friends before I do.  I hate that FaceBook wants to know everything.  I hate misunderstandings caused by lack … Read entire article »

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Believe in Miracles

ShareTweet My heat and soul are full.. my eyes  filled with tears..  of joy. My spirits are lifted tonight.. there is light under the tunnel. I’ll share a little when things progress.. just know this..  People should be more appreciated..  pay it forward..  to everyone. I won’t be missing the ALS walks next year and maybe can go to many others.  Wonderful for me as they are so important. Life is great. God is Miraculous..  Pray more.  Hope more. Love more.  Believe.. … Read entire article »

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Miss you Dad

ShareTweet “Oh, when we are journeying through the murky night and the dark woods of affliction and sorrow, it is something to find here and there a spray broken, or a leafy stem bent down with the tread of His foot and the brush of His hand as He passed; and to remember that the path He trod He has hallowed, and thus to find lingering fragrance and hidden strength in the remembrance of Him as “in all points tempted like as we are,” bearing grief for us, bearing grief with us, bearing grief like us.”  ~ Alexander MacLaren Read more: I’ve decided since I can’t walk the ALS walks, this month.. I’m going to go sit at the cemetery for a while, instead.  I want to keep May private for my … Read entire article »

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Finding My New Tribe

ShareTweet I’ve been lost. I was born into a family and raised by a village. But after you grow up, you have to surround yourselves with those that make you feel good and help you put one foot in front of the other.  This is your tribe. I realized I’ve lost my tribe. American journalist and writer Jane Howard is credited with the following quote: “Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family.  Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.” I found these 12 steps important. As I look to find a new tribe, I’ve come across many new things: Sisters in Bloom is a Christian Woman Community. (in)courage has a new (in)RL (In real life) and there is a group in Mt Pleasant/Charleston. I don’t … Read entire article »

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Laughing at my Bucket List

ShareTweet July 2010 and today are so drastically different. I can’t say I can come up with 100 things like that again and it was fun and sad to read. Most of my friends I planned to do things with I don’t even speak to anymore. #42 hits too personal to me. I chatted on FB with him, recently. He’s happily married and I doubt he’d ever take me to fulfill his promise. I was just over pleased he spoke to me and doesn’t hate me anymore. I hurt him tremendously as a very young girl. I’m sorry for all the pain I caused him and I hope he knows it. You never forget your first love.. Ron, you still amaze me. Strong and True. and that’s … Read entire article »

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Update from California

ShareTweet Mom is going in, this morning, for another CT. They suspect another intestinal blockage. She was lucky to survive the last without a colostomy.. She’s going to call me after the CT to tell me if she is going back into surgery. I’ll keep you posted as to what is new with that and my where-abouts. I may be headed back to California. Believing in Blessingz, Heidi … Read entire article »

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Update on my Egyptian Friends – Egypt in my Heart

ShareTweet I have, now, been in communication with my friends in Egypt. I must admit that with the traveling, I’ve been disconnected from the news and I had no idea things were going on in Egypt, until someone asked me how my friends were.. I, quickly, reached one friend who was fragile with his words.  He told me he cared about Americans but he didn’t trust the American Government.  This was after he said, to me, “Why does America care?”  I did explain that I cared and I was asking and that I hadn’t heard from anyone in Egypt. (This particular Egyptian friend is not in Egypt.) Within a day or two, internet was returned and I was able to get a few messages back and forth on Facebook. Most were simply, “Pray.”  I … Read entire article »

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Florida Travel Check in.. ALS Walk Jax is April 2nd

ShareTweet Hello from Jacksonville. I made it to Florida Drupal Camp, Saturday, in Winter Park.  Other than that, we’ve had some very uneventful weeks out of town. I’ve been healing well from the fall. Just have a few problems with my left arm. The bruises on my knee have almost all gone away. My hand and wrist seem to cramp when I drive. It reminds me I’m doing too much with it and I slow down use of it. I didn’t get a chance, this trip to see my friends in Jacksonville. I’ll be back for the ALS Walk, in April.  I’ll send them invites to join the walk with me.  Maybe that will get me to see them.  The walk, here, is only two miles and starts at Tinsel Town. I had hoped to … Read entire article »

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My return visit to San Diego – all work and little play

ShareTweet Last year, I wrote a blog post about things I desperately missed about San Diego. Sadly, I only ate the food.  El Pollo Loco didn’t impress me much, either.  I didn’t get shaved ice, but around the corner, the day Gabe and I were able to get out.  I didn’t remember the seaweed smell of Mission Beach (the only place we found  a parking place.) Ick. haha I was so happy to see my Aunt Joy and Selena.  Selena Rausch (in case she googles herself : )  ), is my youngest cousin that lives in Utah. She’s brought much joy and silliness to my Facebook. Thanks for making me enjoy Facebook, again, my cousins! , also,I did get to meet Dennis, Syndee, and Jesse.  That … Read entire article »

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Blog Education Learning Overload – Ebooks I need to read (and so do you)

ShareTweet There are some fantastic bloggers out there that can teach you so much about “blogging better” for SEO traffic. Many are really good at interlinking their own materials and setting a standard that all bloggers should follow. Even the big foot steps can be walked in to learn styles and improve your own posts and writing.  I’m interstested in reading the all, as you should, too. I wanted to bring three ebooks to your attention: The first one is Kelby Carr’s Mom Blog SEO: Mom Blog SEO includes: How to find the best keyword phrases to drive the right readers for your blog Tactics that take a couple minutes before each post and can dramatically increase your traffic How to target the right readers and stop attracting the wrong ones How to boost your … Read entire article »

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CDC Health Questionnaire or Identity Theft?

ShareTweet Over a month ago, I received a screening call, on my cell phone from the “center for disease control.” They were surveying 8,000 random people, to ask them personal questions, to improve the future of health care. After answering questions like “Is this your cell phone?” “Are you driving right now?” “Is this cell phone the only one you own?” and “Do you own any other telephone numbers?” (Notice they didn’t ask about a land line or other phones.. creative, I thought. After telling me that everything was confidential, I was told I could have a $10 check for my compliance, in the survey. They would put my personal information into a different computer. At first, I wasn’t feel too comfortable that the call was legitimate. Then I wasn’t feeling … Read entire article »

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Have you met Heather Solos and Angela England?

ShareTweet Many of my friends are up and coming in the blogging world. Two got recent recognition and I wanted to bring it to your attention. First, my good friend, Heather Solos was mentioned, on Problogger with 39 other bloggers to watch in 2011: Her profile has grown organically over the course of five years. She co-founded, “a site designed to teach real people, real skills, as they apply to real lives.” In addition to this, she has gotten a book deal, leveraged in-person meetings to get great results, and has achieved multiple writing spots in newspapers. You can learn more about how she did this in her interview on BlogcastFM. Angela England, founder of Untrained Housewife, whom I was fortunate to meet, in person, at Type-a-mom, was recognized in an … Read entire article »

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5,600 miles later.. I’m home

ShareTweet I bet you just thought I disappeared after all that pumpkin posting.  Actually, I did. My mother, who lives in San Diego, California, (my home town) had surgery, several weeks ago.  She was given a 1 in 5 chance of recovery. I, quickly, went into action, and drove to Florida to pick up my brother-I-was-raised-with and we drove to California in four days. We just walked right into her hospital room and surprised her. She was supposed to be there 6-8 weeks and we took her home on the day of week two. Many other things have happened between there and here and I will get to those, for you, shortly..  but right now, I have to say goodbye to my 13 year old friend and feline companion. While I was gone, he had to have … Read entire article »

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30 Days of Truth.. Day 14 → A hero that has let you down. (letter)

ShareTweet Dear Grandpa, You spent many years, loving my Grandma, enough, to take care of her unruly daughters, and her innocent grandchildren, whenever the call was needed. You were the only father that I knew, in daily life, throughout my childhood. You were my first date. You are my hero. We stood, in the hospital, and cried, when I shared Colin Raye’s “Love Me” and we cried a little and you said you didn’t know how you’d go on without her. Grandma died a couple of days later. You spent a lot of time with us in that following year. You grew very close to the great grandchildren but you had forgotten, during that year, to fill your pocket with tootsie pops, for them to secretly find. I didn’t blame … Read entire article »

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Brain Overload

ShareTweet I can’t imagine why my brain is on overload. I have one camp and two conferences swimming up in there, that need to be blogged about. I’m a full-time student. I’ve met some fantastic people, in the last few weeks. Have you ever been in a meeting and felt you knew a total stranger, before?  I was in a panel discussion sesssion, at #convergesouth, in greensboro and I just felt I knew this guy on the panel.  I don’t know why I felt I knew him.  He mentioned Silicon Valley.  Okay, a Cali guy.  He mentioned he worked at Yahoo. OH MY GAWD.  When the panel ended, I cautiously asked, as I reached out my hand, “Ernie? Y360 Ernie?” What an amazing experience.  My first blogging gigs were at Yahoo 360, until Yahoo “threw us under … Read entire article »

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My old Stomping Grounds. Where I grew up. (Repost)

ShareTweet I got this cute email, last week, about “If you were a girl in the 70’s,” much like this one, here. The big surprise was that it was from Susan Bebb. Susan? I didn’t know Susan had my email address. I haven’t talked to her in years, and we haven’t communicated since she cleverly sent me a calendar, of Hawaii, as a creative wedding announcement. I am reposting this, for her. Special thanks to Ted for Bloggin’ this to the masses. I had so much fun that I mapped out a story for you. I played with Google Earth and found my old neighborhood.. my stompin’ grounds for so many years. My grandma’s house! I highlighted some points of interest ~LOL~ We called Veronica “Ronnie”. Susan was only … Read entire article »

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I learned Drupal Taxonomy today!

ShareTweet I learned how to set up Vocabularies and Terms (Categories/Tags) and organize life a little better over at From My Own Office. I started reading An Emotional First-Aid Kit for Mothers and Writing Down the Bones. I didn’t fret or check into any classes, trying to trust that I am getting organized and I’m not missing any deadlines. I can do a little of that sometime tomorrow. I’m still praying for My Dennis.  I hope to get some updated good news soon. Keep praying, please. Hugz and Goodnight … Read entire article »

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I am a mom to adults

ShareTweet The boy drives now. These last few days, the children were away at Youth Conference.   The boy drove and parked his car at the church. For the first time, I didn’t have to go, in the evening, to retrieve kids from activities. It was nice.  I could get used to this.  Increased insurance costs aren’t quite so bad.  tonight. … Read entire article »

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