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What I’ve learned from Facebook lately..

ShareTweet   Friendship is a sheltering tree. ~Samuel Taylor Coleridge I’ve always said I have a love/hate relationship with FaceBook.  I love gathering with friends, old and new, and tons of extended family.  Its nice to lend a hug when someone is in need and its always nice to receive a hug when my day is not going all that grand.  I love being back in touch with all my cousins, too.  I, also love all my new local friends that i’ve made since I moved to South Carolina.  Its nice to keep in touch with friends we have had to leave behind when we’ve moved. I hate that FaceBook knows things about my family or friends before I do.  I hate that FaceBook wants to know everything.  I hate misunderstandings caused by lack … Read entire article »

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American debt in the National Debt

ShareTweet (This is my 200th post on this blog) My daughter, across the country, at BYU-Idaho called me today.  She had some questions about a cool class she had,, today in her finance class. She wanted to know about bonds.  She has one from a long time ago, from my BIL who passed away at 24 in an auto accident. She wanted to know if she could find out its value today.  I told her I didn’t know and she asked if it had her ssn on it and I told her it does.  Then I told her she couldn’t trust that a website was “real” and to not give her ssn number out, over the Internet.  She asked what kind of bond she had. (EE) Then she alarmed me.  She said “did you … Read entire article »

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My experience with Dr. Tavel and Pain Specialists of Charleston

ShareTweet Okay.  So where do I start? I started seeing a Pain Specialist, when my doctor felt that he couldn’t be responsible for my pain management.  After an MRI, One of the PA’s at Pain Specialists of Charleston read the report and freaked out, briefly. Then she immediately prescribed opioid prescriptions for me.  It was like a light went on and they finally realized “oh this must hurt” really? So, then I was faced with the whole SC State Controlled informed consent paperwork. I chose one doctor and one pharmacy.  Along with this, I was introduced with monthly urinalysis. Before I go any further, I want you to know that my monthly urinalysis, is done through this doctor’s office, and billed through them, not through the lab, directly.  This bill is $1150/month.  Per month!!! Because … Read entire article »

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Soapbox in the name of Obamacare and Free Enterprise

ShareTweet It takes something extraordinary, these days, to get me to hurt myself, physically, to open this lappie.. but here she blogs… Okay.  At first, I didn’t know what to say (great opening for a debate, eh?)  No, this is not a debate.  These are some facts, that are personal, and not up for debate. I consider Home Delivered Pizza a privilege and convenience food.  I could care less if the pie went up a dollar each. BUT.. This is just the beginning of getting our heads out of the sand.  I have kept my politics out of blog all year, which means I’ve been stewing to spew forth.. Obamacare is the beginning of something so ugly that I’ve not been wanting to talk about it. I’m depressed.  You should be, too. Before Obamacare, I had to stop … Read entire article »

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Tricare and Blue Cross are being banned from Walgreens RX in 2012

ShareTweet A few months ago, my daughter had to sign a petition, at Walgreens to save her ability to keep using Walgreens for her prescription needs. Last week, I was informed, over the phone and then, again, this afternoon, at the pharmacy..  Many insurance companies are not going to allow us to use the major pharmacies in the near future. Right now, I can fill two maintenance medications locally.  Then I have to get a 90 day prescription and use the insurance company’s pharmacy.. When mistakes happen, which just recently happened to me, we are stuck with 90 days worth of a useless product or not enough after you’ve paid your bill. Its all a mess and only going to get worse. God Bless America. … Read entire article »

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My Opinion on the matter at hand..

ShareTweet So Osama Bin Laden is dead. Our Mission is accomplished. Time to leave Afghanistan and Pakistan. We need those troops home to defend us against those that loved Osama and hate us. Stay in Iraq like we stayed in Korea.  Our troops are just targets now.  We are all targets now. I’m impressed that Obama spoke like we all should be 912’ers. God Bless America. Thank you to our brave Troops. Never forget. Don’t cheer and shoot guns like they did when our towers were falling.  Light a candle.  Remember. … Read entire article »

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I <3 Egypt – “The Power of the People..”

ShareTweet … Read entire article »

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Florida Travel Check in.. ALS Walk Jax is April 2nd

ShareTweet Hello from Jacksonville. I made it to Florida Drupal Camp, Saturday, in Winter Park.  Other than that, we’ve had some very uneventful weeks out of town. I’ve been healing well from the fall. Just have a few problems with my left arm. The bruises on my knee have almost all gone away. My hand and wrist seem to cramp when I drive. It reminds me I’m doing too much with it and I slow down use of it. I didn’t get a chance, this trip to see my friends in Jacksonville. I’ll be back for the ALS Walk, in April.  I’ll send them invites to join the walk with me.  Maybe that will get me to see them.  The walk, here, is only two miles and starts at Tinsel Town. I had hoped to … Read entire article »

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What if the World Currency Changed or Collapsed? Tomorrow.

ShareTweet Image via Wikipedia The American Dollar is in more than poor shape. IT IS currently considered the world currency.  There are populations of people who do not believe that the American Dollar can ever collapse.  At the same time, the United State’s current answer to debt is to print more money.  Worthless money. I don’t endorse the products that spawn this video, but I encourage you to take the time to watch and learn some things you may not have known.  Don’t keep your head in the sand.  This is a serious problem. You may have your food storage.  You may have emergency supplies. I need more trash bags, medical supplies, candles, and lamp oil.  What do you need?  What if you woke up, tomorrow, and your dollar was as good as Iraqi … Read entire article »

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My opinion about recent school gun shootings.

ShareTweet First, let’s establish that people kill people. For whatever their reason. We’ve been seeing a huge increase in school shootings and bank robberies lately. I think the laws needs to be changed so people can protect themselves better. I think if more trained concealed weapons were in our schools, more people’s lives would be spared. Not just more security or school police, but school officials with the ability to stop a massacre before it begins. When the gun law was changed about the National Forests, I read all these lines about people worried that people would start being killed. My opinion, then, was bad people get guns and take them there anyway. But, lately, I’ve read how having a gun saved a couple from a bear while on … Read entire article »

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The new form of DeadBeat Parents..

ShareTweet I’ve been wanting to blog about this subject for over a year but it was hard for me to consider that I really might tick some people off by what I’m going to say. Wednesday, I pulled into CVS, next to a car that was running, with rather loud music playing. The ONLY real problem I had about this is there was a child in the back seat, by himself. I want to say he was five or six.. but what is wrong with people? You can’t just leave them to run in and get something at a pharmacy. I’ve, recently encountered a worse situation, outside of Blockbuster and BB’s attitude about the “problem not being their problem” pissed me off even more. Both of these times I didn’t have … Read entire article »

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30 Days of Truth.. Day 19 → What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?

ShareTweet I think I’ve already talked about how I feel about religion. Organized Religion is man-made. Politics? Well, crap. I’m a conservative preparing for the zombie apocalypse. I sit on the fence on many issues. I find very little honesty or integrity in politics. There are some good people. Its just on the rare end of the spectrum. I would have voted for Mitt Romney because he has the financial knowledge to help the deficit. He’s a businessman and they couldn’t find much dirt on him. I’m for that type of integrity. I think Politics is corrupt and if Romney ever makes it, I hope he doesn’t fall into it. Food Storage people. Start today. … Read entire article »

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September 11, 2010 – We still Remember

ShareTweet (photo courtesy of Lindsay Shaver) ..Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.. ~Matthew 5:44 … Read entire article »

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Its time to wake up America

ShareTweet While I’m unsettled about the whole Ground Zero Mosque idea, I learned something, last night, that is so much worse.  Maybe worse isn’t the right word.  Because they are both equally an abomination to America. It started with a twitter link here: I watched the videos.  I hadn’t heard there was going to be a memorial in the shape of a crescent.  I didn’t know that all that symbolism was present.  The idea that all of this is a coincidence insults my intelligence, and should, also, insult yours. A towering Islamic sundial is not an accident, by any means. I’m, honestly, afraid to ask my Muslim friends how they feel about this.  I would hope that they could see the insulting consequences, but I don’t think they will.  I know how they feel … Read entire article »

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Jihad doesn’t have to be a bad word

ShareTweet I  had to write an essay about Jeffrey Goldberg’s Inside Jihad U.: The Education of a Holy Warrior, today. I pointed out that this article was written 15 months before the tragic events on September 11, 2001. I was pleased to find a copy of the article, to link you to, so you can see that it wasn’t an easy thing for me to write about, with all the current talk about the mosque at Ground Zero. In my essay, I explained that although this madrassa, and so many more, like it, do not teach terrorism, they leave the students with no rounded education to seek for anything more than being a terrorist and finding groups to join, in their hate quests. You see, I know the difference between Muslims and Extremists. I have … Read entire article »

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