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My return visit to San Diego – all work and little play

ShareTweet Last year, I wrote a blog post about things I desperately missed about San Diego. Sadly, I only ate the food.  El Pollo Loco didn’t impress me much, either.  I didn’t get shaved ice, but around the corner, the day Gabe and I were able to get out.  I didn’t remember the seaweed smell of Mission Beach (the only place we found  a parking place.) Ick. haha I was so happy to see my Aunt Joy and Selena.  Selena Rausch (in case she googles herself : )  ), is my youngest cousin that lives in Utah. She’s brought much joy and silliness to my Facebook. Thanks for making me enjoy Facebook, again, my cousins! , also,I did get to meet Dennis, Syndee, and Jesse.  That … Read entire article »

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