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Lowered body temperature and cold hands and feet to start..

ShareTweet I’ve been asking so many people, for the last year, what the medical words for “generalized lowered body temperature” were.  I just know there must be a name for this condition, yet no one has had an answer, yet. Recently, I’ve started back on some medications to help with the side-effects of my Fibromyalgia, because the pain has started to interfere with my daily life.  I spend countless hours, in my bed, under an electric blanket, being used like a heating pad for my hip and back pain. So, today, in my IN Box appears Dr. Mercola talking about Fibromyalgia.  It got my attention and I began to read many articles that I’d like to share snippets with you.. From A common give-away that you may be hypothyroid is feeling cold most … Read entire article »

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