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Scary Truths about Lipozene OTC

ShareTweet Over-the-counter Diet “Pill” Lipozene is all the rave, lately. The premise is it claims you are fat because of excess cortisol in your body.  What it doesn’t explain is that there are true medical reasons that you could have high levels of cortisol in your body. If Lipozene works for you, you probably are in desperate need of an endocrinologist. Your body produces cortisol through glands in the body , either because it is enlarged or even has a tumor on it. This makes using an over-the-counter product (mail order too) negative to your well being and health. I have not seen any of these warnings on the commercials I’ve seen about Lipozene.  I’ve seen more negative side-effects in commercials about pharmaceuticals than I have about this dangerous product that no one should risk their lives … Read entire article »

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My personal secret, coming out of my cave to speak about my disability

ShareTweet Hello friends and family, I’m sorry for the distance between my posts. I hope that when new people find my pages, they find enough to enjoy, but I do always wish they had something new to keep them coming back, so I’m working on several new posts to come out in the next few days. Tonight, I want to tell you a little secret that may not be secret to many of you, but I’m going public with it now. I’ve spent the last year, or more, holding down my bed. Literally. My prescriptions total up to 30 now and I’ve gained 100 pounds of my lost 160, from my weight loss surgery, in less than six months. They always say that you gained it slow, don’t expect to lose it slow.. but I didn’t … Read entire article »

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Transdermal Patch equals non-stick

ShareTweet Years ago, I used to live on a transdermal Duragesic/Fentanyl pain patch.  I had tons of trouble with the adhesive.  It had to have the side taped..  the glue inflamed my skin, etc.  It was a patch you change every three days. Well, my medical pain has advanced, now.  I am now in the process of trying another new transdermal patch, that isn’t generic, like the one I mentioned below.  This, with a savings card, cost over $60. Now imagine my surprise, this morning (less than 24 hours later) that the patch was almost completely off my skin??? Now what is wrong with this picture.  Another pharmaceutical nightmare or a non-latex issue. I ordered this biofilm stuff from the pharmacy. You have probably seen it covering an IV in the hospital.  It doesn’t need … Read entire article »

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Serious Confession

ShareTweet My absence in this blog has a lot to do with a complete depression I’m experiencing. It all seemed to start when my father passed away, but that was because I made the mistake of going on an anti-depressant that severely started adding pounds to my body. Supposedly those medications have been changed. Last month, however, I thought that maybe I’m drinking too many of my calories and restricted myself in half of my regular consumption. The result? I gained 20 pounds. 20 pounds! This time, last year, I weighed 100 pounds less than I do today. Since I am post weight loss surgery/gastric bypass and have reorganized insides, traditional diets are out of the question, especailly low carbing. One of my doctors thinks that its metabolic and thyroid related. My therapist … Read entire article »

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Just three little numbers I promised to share

ShareTweet 224. I really have nothing more to say right now. :) … Read entire article »

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My spoonfuls of Peanut Butter are sticking to my thighs!

ShareTweet Or maybe its the the Lindt Chocolate with Sea Salt.  Or maybe its the Dr. Pepper. This is becoming a very serious weight problem that my doctor is getting involved with.  That’s how you know your weight is getting out of control. Your doctor mentions it to you and tells you to lose four pounds before you see him the next month. (Forget the 3 I lost from seeing him the week before.) So, after my appointment, next week, I’ll publicly announce my weight and go from there, reducing it. (I don’t think I’m over 212.) My weight loss surgery honeymoon was over 7 years ago.  I’ve done real well, for a long while.  I seem to gain with certain medications that I take. (But, I fear its really the Dr. Pepper. :) … Read entire article »

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Do I regret my Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery? (Re-post)

ShareTweet I’ve decided to share Beth’s WLS story with you. I’ve followed Beth’s blog for quite some time and since I’ve been posting some of my more negative health problems, post weight loss surgery.. I thought I should answer this question, for you, my reader’s, too. This is the first of two videos in this brutally honest post. Please click and listen to her own reply to some of the trouble it seemed to stir. I firmly believe in “YMMV”, Your Mileage May Vary, when it comes to any type of procedure, diet plan, or health change.. I appreciate Beth’s brutal honesty. I stopped going to local support groups, after my surgery, because the upcoming candidates for surgery scared the crap out of me. This is the hardest thing that I’ve ever done. I … Read entire article »

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Post Op WLS 4/30/03 Part Three (Re-post)

ShareTweet For the last two years, I’ve blatantly ignored my gastric bypass surgery (or that which I could, rather), in lieu of living and doing my best to continue to lose weight. I had easily become bored with weigh-in’s, chart updates of loss, etc, when I hit a serious plateau. A plateau of weight loss was inevitable for someone who was still barely able to move. My back pain had progressed and I had become discouraged that after such a drastic operation to change me, it had done very little to my everyday movement abilities. Quite frankly, I was depressed to be disabled after making such drastic changes in my life. Over the past two years, however, my weight loss has continued and … Read entire article »

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Post Op WLS 4/30/03 Part Two (Re-post)

ShareTweet I decided to share more of “my story” of my weight loss surgery, because I ran into an excellent blog called “melting mama“. Please mouse-over any terms you may not understand, as there are many links. My WLS is called Gastric Bypass Surgery – Roux-en-Y (distal). I did not have a laparoscopic procedure. I did not have a choice with my incision, and had a full navel to sturnim incision. My “pouch” and my stomach are completely transected (detached). My intestines have been re-routed in a “Y” configuration, so my old stomach and my new pouch, that was created, both empty into my intestine. The distal part means that more of the intestine was bypassed, producing a greater mal-absorption factor for my weight loss. My “pouch” was originally the size of my thumb (1 … Read entire article »

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Post Op WLS 4/30/03 Part One (Re-post)

ShareTweet **I’m re-posting these posts, from my hacked and crashed blogs, because they share, with you, who I am.  They are important to the “me” I have become.  They are a little dated and I’m not updating too much of the information.  The re-posting of the important posts, that have been recovered, is a another miracle, in itself.  Its how I blog, from now, after losing close to 1,000 old posts, in other blogs.  I appreciate your patience if you’ve read these already. IF this is new to you.. welcome to my starting over blog. :) ** Okay, so I opened this blog post with some WLS code. Just what is this nifty code that I possess? Well, WLS is Weight Loss Surgery. Some of you, that have followed me … Read entire article »

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