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Coming home from North Carolina, I saw “Ikea Blvd” and it was all over

ShareTweet Ikea.  I know I have a picture in my phone.  I so heart Ikea.  I had a mission. I needed a cutting board and I did want to see all the cutting boards that they had.. which took some juggling.  They are in two different departments. I found my treasured wooden cutting board, to go with my “almost killed us” Kohl’s knifes. I even found the oil to maintain it.  And a sharpening ceramic thingamagic. We also found a cheap pan for crepes, like Alton Brown described, and some tiny clear dishes for herbs in upcoming recipe photos, when I can cook again. Good stuff.  Its probably a good thing that Ikea is in North Carolina and that there are no bags so you must carry your items out, yourself.. because this is shopping … Read entire article »

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My HomeMade Non Hydrogenated Margarine – Butter Extender

ShareTweet In direct response to this post about healthier choices, I share my option for still eating butter, but extending it and adding the olive oil, too. 1 cup room temperature butter 1 cup extra virgin olive oil 1/2 cup filtered water 1/4 tsp liquid lecithin Whip together to form your home made margarine.  Its healthy for you.  It extends your butter, so its a less expensive option, and you don’t lose any of the taste of the real stuff.  Non hydrogenated and all. :) If it doesn’t come together, I add a few more drops of lecithin.  I don’t use this, at home, as often as I should, but I always make it for baked potato parties or potlucks.  I should make this more often, for home use. hat tip to article: Saturday Stumbles at Not a … Read entire article »

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Deep Fried Banana Rolls

ShareTweet The first time we made these banana rolls, we used Spring Roll Wrappers, at a Spring Roll Party. I’ve been having a real hard time with the Spring Roll Wrappers, so I’ve switched to Egg Roll Wrappers, purchased in the produce department, at the supermarket. I like these better, with Egg Roll Wrappers. They make my mouth make delightful noise! Yes, they do. mmmmmMMmmmmm This time, we used four bananas and skipped the powdered sugar. The key is water.. it makes your glue.. this is messy, but so worth it.. … Read entire article »

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Thanks for the Sloppy Joe’s Heather

ShareTweet I can’t eat the “canned sloppy joe stuff.”  Besides disliking the taste, there are too many ingredients that give me a headache, in it. The best use of Sloppy Joe’s, I’ve ever experienced, was potluck style, at a HomeSchool Association camp-out.  After setting up camp, its dark and everyone is tired.  The meat was kept warm in crock pots and we just put out a bunch of accompaniments.  Its always a go-to potluck meal. When I was in the midwest, it was served to accommodate out-of-town relatives, that were arriving at alternating times.  They called it “BBQ.” No matter what you call it, this recipe is a winner.  We added granulated garlic, and didn’t add the Montreal seasoning, but next time I’ll try it with Toronto Seasoning (Whole Foods version of Montreal Seasoning.) When … Read entire article »

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