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My day is done..

ShareTweet My work day has ended.  I can now get to reading blogs and getting some of my own planned out. Maybe. I’m tired.  I put more tiger balm on my neck, lit a candle, turned the fan on low, turned off the overhead light and kept just the twinkle light strand on and well, here I am. I was going to glue some hat pins together but my glossy accents is giving me fits and even a pin didn’t work and I’ll figure it out tomorrow. I poked a hole, slit, through the side of my other bottle so I need to finish one and pour into the other or trade tips is probably an easier way. I organized more in my room. Almost cleared out the foyer. I can see table … Read entire article »

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Soapbox in the name of Obamacare and Free Enterprise

ShareTweet It takes something extraordinary, these days, to get me to hurt myself, physically, to open this lappie.. but here she blogs… Okay.  At first, I didn’t know what to say (great opening for a debate, eh?)  No, this is not a debate.  These are some facts, that are personal, and not up for debate. I consider Home Delivered Pizza a privilege and convenience food.  I could care less if the pie went up a dollar each. BUT.. This is just the beginning of getting our heads out of the sand.  I have kept my politics out of blog all year, which means I’ve been stewing to spew forth.. Obamacare is the beginning of something so ugly that I’ve not been wanting to talk about it. I’m depressed.  You should be, too. Before Obamacare, I had to stop … Read entire article »

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Twins everywhere??

ShareTweet Okay.  I had my children very early in life and now that I’m slightly over fortyy, I’m thankful to my children for being so devout that they have not made me a grandmother, as it seems all my friends from one of my past lifetimes seem to have become. But what is with all the stars over 40 having twins?  They swear that they are not using fertility treatments but I’m calling big BS. Its just coincidental that they all are having them?  I. say. not. I always wanted to have twins. I had close stair steps and I think twins would have been easier.  Probably not. I once dated a guy who was A widower with 3 month old twins at home (and a two year old.) I was in love with his babies. He was … Read entire article »

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OCD trapped in a disabled body

ShareTweet I have always had obsessive compulsive tendencies in my home and environment.  Things had to have a place and be in their place.  Its like living company ready, all the time.  I still wish I could do that. But, I can’t. My body is too broken and my mind won’t stop this OCD.  I, often, hurt myself trying to fix things so they are just how they should be and all that does is put me into bed a few extra days that I could have had to do something fulfilling If you have or know someone who has OCD tendencies, can you imagine having a disabled broken body? Its a living nightmare to not be able to do stupid little things that bug you, or are out of place, that only you care … Read entire article »

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Brain Blue Screen of Death

ShareTweet I think I’ve figured out why these accounts keep going down each month.  For some reason they was no monthly contract to pay for the hosting.  I’ve fixed that. My brain can’t seem to keep up. It is like the blue screen of death.  It hurts to think about it.  Come to think of it maybe all of these stressful things I haven’t figured out yet may be causing my daily headaches. Who knows? I wish life could be put into a tiny little box of things I could go through to fix all of the things my brain can’t keep up with. I read the first chapter of a great book, that a doctor gave to me, that explained why my brain doesn’t work like a computer.  I wish I knew what the … Read entire article »

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All in the Life of CarolinaDreamz

ShareTweet Lately, everyday, I want to climb under the covers and hide until it ends.  Or go outside or into a closet and scream. (make sure you are able to utter “i’m okay” to the  minions, that really need you when you are on the phone or on the commode. If you do this. I am not liable for your own decisions. :) ) For those familiar, its a big  Fibro hell. So in the recent past, I’ve survived these: I dropped a whole mostly full bottle of Frappacciino, in the dark,around 5:30am.  This, of course in in a space between the wall and heavy furniture (and the bed) so I can’t get to it to clean it up. (Oh, I forgot to tell you the lid came off and the stuff gushed like … Read entire article »

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Dear Angry Parent of Teenage Daughter

ShareTweet Dear Angry Parent of a Teenage Daughter, You went about this all wrong.  You made a video that is going viral on the world wide web. The problem is the only one benefiting from all of this is iTunes and Facebook.  You could have gone about this in many different ways, to get, at least, your $130 back. Shooting up her laptop is just proving that idiots own Guns.  I am a Gun Owner. I would never do such a thing. Now put my kids laptop up on eBay, or make them do it, in front of me.. YES. I’m there. Have her donate the laptop to a charity. YES. I’m there. Destroying it was just your way of being another stupid parent.. Love, Another parent that thinks you should have hosted this video yourself and profited to … Read entire article »

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Have you seen the commercial about the lady on the laying on the couch in the mall?

ShareTweet This particular commercial about the lady on the red couch in the middle of the mall is about migraines and 1/2 living. I have to relate this situation and peek at how my life is.  I’m holding down my couch. I can see the Endo in the end of January, and I made the appointment in October. Now, new problem and I’m seriously considering a complete hysterectomy like my hematologist wants.  This health is just getting to the point of ridiculous. I’m the one on the red couch..  think of me when you see it. Life is moving around me. Well, what more can I say? The only test that came back abnormal was my upper high cholesterol. The HDL?  What a zoo. … Read entire article »

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Why is it acceptable to have Insurance companies prescribe our medications?

ShareTweet Its no secret that in January, I had to get new medical insurance. It was part of an acquisition. So, I’ve dealt with their denials of filling many prescriptions that I and my doctor had agreed that I needed.  I’d dealt with their letters suggesting another medication that they feel is better or, more like they’ll allow (pay for.) Now, after last week and I finally got my medication, that my doctor didn’t call in for me, that he won’t give me refills for, as if that’s insurance that I’ll make my not needed appointments to him, every month… the insurance company would not pay for it. They claim that its a “maintenance medication” and I must get them 90 days, at a time, from them, directly. Now what do I do?  The doctor has … Read entire article »

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An 800 pound Gorilla wants to pee in my Cheerios

ShareTweet The best way to explain it is to copy/paste the emails to you, removing all the guilty party logos, names, and email addresses.  Then  you tell me what you think. First, you’ve heard of right? is a Public Feed Reader.  I enjoy gathering my Feeds to read there, so I can easily categorize and read for the curating I do.  I made a mistake, though.  I decided to make a genealogy one and name is after my genealogy site .com and well, umm, that might just make this an dirtier pee than I’m thinking, right now. Okay, here we go: Hello Heidi (name deleted to protect the gorilla) here from (name deleted to protect the gorilla).  I’ve had several inquiries via email this morning about the feeds at Family Hugz.)(** note ** … Read entire article »

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A Mixture of Emotional Breakdown Feelings – Latest Refills

ShareTweet The ice cream topping to my dessert of being pissed at my latest doctors appointment surfaced yesterday. In almost a way to control that I go to the doctor every month, my doctor doesn’t give me refills to any of my medications. They have a call-in, email, or fax system that I had  signed up for, at the first of the year. So imagine my surprise when one of my major medications was out and not called in. I waited til Monday, called the nurse, explained the situation, and then she called me back because I left CVS and their phone number on the recorder (the pharmacy that was required of me to have another drug, by contract, filled there, and they messed all those refills up, too,)  They said they only had … Read entire article »

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Rx Insurance Nightmares

ShareTweet <rant> Every new prescriptions and now refills are being rejected by my new insurance company, Express Scripts. I didn’t have a choice to change to this new company.  But, they seem to think they are better at medication dispensing than my doctor. What do I need the doctor for?  They should have a hotline that tells me what they’ll cover by my complaints, symptoms, or injury.  The jerks. They decided, in January, the one co-pay only covered 17 days of my Ambien.  Now I have a partial refill left of 14 pills.  I got an email today, from last night’s refill request that they are not paying for that, either. I don’t know what I’m going to do but one of my medications helps me be mobile and I hate that I’m suffering in more … Read entire article »

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