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30 Days of Truth.. Day 23 → Something you wish you had done in your life.

ShareTweet I wish I would have continued my education when I still had more brain cells than I do today. Its been really hard going back to school at 41. I’m a learning coach to a high school student, too. And forget about all my business responsibilities. I’m tired all the time and I’m hoping this lessens as I make more hemaglobin and ferritin, since the IV infusion, last week. I have hope. I just have a lot of reading to do and my comprehension isn’t as good, today, as it was when I was 18. I should have figured out financial aid way back when. … Read entire article »

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10 Reasons why I dropped English 101 from this Semester’s schedule

ShareTweet 1. I’m not well.  I need some procedures and needed to lighten my fully loaded schedule. 2. I need more time to study for other tests and assignments. 3. I wasn’t prepared for academic writing after x amount of years out of it. 4. Now I can read the handbook and learn MLA process before I sign up for English 101 in the future. 5. I can read things I enjoy again. 6. I can spend more time monetizing this blog. 7. I can write more freely. 8. I’m amazingly relieved of a ton of stress. 9. I can be a better learning coach for my homeschooled daughter. 10. I can have more time to seek out the medical specialists that I need to get stronger before jumping into the fire again. Overall, I’m sharing this because I don’t feel … Read entire article »

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This week in college.. Eng 101 Rant

ShareTweet I’m disturbed. I mentioned this weeks readings, in a post, last week. The problem is I’ve read half of them. I feel like such a prude to say this.  There is a time and a place to read smut, if one so wishes to, but I’m not one of those someone’s and I’m disgusted with what I’m being required to read and write about in this “contemporary readings” book. I don’t want to read about cut off penis’ in little bags, with herbs, preserved for burial with these “clean boys” in China, who didn’t need them in this life but need them in the life to come. I’m known to drop an f-bomb or three, from time to time.. but I don’t appreciate reading about it, over-and-over in my English Composition book. So, maybe the 1/2 … Read entire article »

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Financial Aid Fail

ShareTweet I managed back to TTC, to take a number, in the Financial Aid office, again. The poor lady, behind the computer, seemed as baffled as I was, and much more polite than the lady letting me take a number, like I’m illiterate to read my file online. After consulting with another person.. come to find out, with all the FAFSA proving (30% of FAFSA’s are audited and mine was) someone failed to have me fill out an application for my loan! I’ve been waiting weeks for this loan to show up and I never filled out the application. I had to go take an entrance exam to financial aid loans and then fill out the application. Now I wait two more weeks. What a mess. How does a first-year student read … Read entire article »

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Online Course disconnections..

ShareTweet I miss Brick N Mortar classrooms.  I feel this disconnection, in my online courses, that I can’t describe. Its like not remembering the professors names, or knowing who’s talking, when I’m reading hundreds of discussions on message boards. Last week’s essays were very religious.  This week’s are full of non-English names and places I can’t pronounce. Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? by Joyce Carol Oates The Fall River Axe Murders by Angela Carter The Wild Beast by Peter Maass The Damned Human Race by Mark Twain Shooting an Elephant by George Orwell Immortality by YiyunLi It seems like I’m learning History in ENG 101, English in CPT101, and How to break my keyboard in AOT106.  We won’t talk about Marketing.  I still have that text, laying next to me.. more to-do’s.  There is so much … Read entire article »

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Getting the hang of going back to school..

ShareTweet I think I’m, finally, getting the hang of online courses.  I do think a brick and mortar classroom would be easier.  I spent most of my time, last week, trying to figure out when things are due and what’s expected. I still have no word on my Federal loans. I managed to write my first paper draft, and a couple of essays, in English Comp.  I’ve been very active in the discussion boards in my marketing class.  I’ve typed my heart out in keyboarding lessons and time tests.  I’ve learned how to use the drop box in CPT 101.  I even aced a couple of quizzes. I even managed to blog a couple of times and to curate for bliss reads, too. Let’s hope next week is as fruitful. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOUIS HORWITZ ~ I … Read entire article »

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“Wait” is killing the Camels Back

ShareTweet I spent the whole weekend not knowing if I was going to be dropped, from my classes. You see, every time I’m told something, at Trident Tech, I’m later re-informed differently. I don’t really know what paper, she  help up, when she said, “with this signature, your tuition is secure, so don’t worry about the deadline.” If it was a grant paper, I would have been dropped, because Friday 2/3 of my grants were denied. Since I can still access the site, I’m assuming it was the paper for my loans. I’m discouraged because today is the last day that financial aid can be used in the campus bookstore.  I was, originally, told, the week before school started, “You won’t be able to get your books, at the bookstore, until Wednesday.”  Wednesday came and went … Read entire article »

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k12 charter school

ShareTweet We’ve decided, this year, to enroll Girlie into the K12 Charter HomeSchool program.  Keeping her schedule straight, is harder, for me, than I think it is for her. I’m now carrying two calendars, and a third to leave at home. All these online classes to keep straight for both of us has my head spinning.  Yesterday, we lost internet for one of her class connects.  What can we do?  Today, a teacher dropped internet during a class connect, with nearly 300 students there for Orientation.  Glitches happen. Her subjects include fast tracked or block courses of Algebra and Geography/World History, Biology, and Physical Education. I think we are working through the kinks for attendance. The early morning seminary class is at 6:30am, this year, so that’s been a little more helpful. Oh the fun joy … Read entire article »

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Back-to-School Update

ShareTweet Well..  There is an end to the nightmare that was called registering. I happened to be part of the 30% that had to verify my FAFSA with the Financial Aid Department. I hadn’t dreamed I was going back to school, by July 9th, which is the first cut-off date for financial aid.. so I had to buy two of my books, outright, yesterday.  (They only had two of the four I needed.) Cha Ching $252.52! I still must say I don’t know much about how the grants and loans work.  Yesterday, I was told that it would take a week and that no funds would be available, for me, for books, until next Wednesday. School starts Monday. I’ve never taken an online course before.  I have no idea how this will work.  Everything, on the schedule … Read entire article »

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