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My 100 List

  1. I’m a Cali Girl transplanted to the Low Country.
  2. I have two cats that make me allergy miserable. I want to be a spoiled domestic cat in my next life.
  3. I’m a mom of teens who still call me “mommy”.
  4. I’m rather shy, in person, but my fingers are not so shy on the keyboard.
  5. The first cassette tape I bought, with my own money, was Cyndi Lauper “She’s so unusual”.
  6. The boy just said its funny I talked about cassette tapes. My favorite vinyl album, I ever owned, was Disco Duck! LOL I don’t recall my first CD or DVD.
  7. My first stereo had an 8-track player and a turntable.
  8. I was a rink rat!
  9. I have two current secret love affairs. One is with fabric. The other is with cotton yarn! (Not so bad since I’ve given up my threesomes with Ben and Jerry.)
  10. I’m obsessed with peanut butter and feel its a complete food. Peanuts are not allowed on my own “blood type” diet, though. :(
  11. I love almost all music. Music is life. I remember when alternative music was called “new wave”.
  12. My eldest child turns 18 this year.
  13. I love lots of pulp in my orange juice.
  14. I have lost over 155 pounds in the last four years. I don’t know the girl in the mirror, any more than you do, now.
  15. I’m working on sewing and crafting new products to open an Etsy shop.
  16. I love to sleep and rarely do enough of it.
  17. I wear one ring, every day. Its sterling silver and resides on my thumb. I never thought a thumb ring and I could get along. Its so “my mom!” LOL
  18. I’m too pattern blind to quilt. I quilt with semi-matching same print type fabrics.
  19. I’ve never set the date and time on a VCR and I never want to do it, either.
  20. My worst habit is blog.
  21. I spend more time planning to be organized than organizing.
  22. One vacation, in Florida, my mother found the book, “cleaning up the clutter” in my messy vehicle.
  23. eBay and I are on a first name basis, I think.
  24. My favorite ice cream is chocolate with cinnamon mixed in, at Cold Stone. (The flavor French Toast is pretty awesome, too. Of course, I’m a 3-4 bite ice cream eater now!)
  25. I am a Boy Scout merit badge counselor.
  26. Family History is not my hobby, it is my obsession.
  27. I’m very real online and I like to surround myself in environments that I’d sit in physically, if given the opportunity.
  28. My Bucket list is here.
  29. I have “a thing” for Marcus Giles. I appreciated the Braves playing on Turner, and when Marcus went home, to San Diego, to play pro ball, with his brother, Brian.. a part of me went home, too. Its the perfect MLB gig!
  30. I’ve always had Dodger blue blood. Marcus has turned it a little browner.
  31. I am a scribbler. I scribble in spiral bound notebooks, pretty journals, napkins, paper plates.. you get the idea.
  32. Blog has helped me see the world differently.
  33. I want to own a home with its own dark room, for photograph developing.
  34. I think spaghetti and Thanksgiving dinner taste better in a sammich.
  35. I was co-raised with my mother, grandmother, and great grandmother.
  36. I met my father when I was 18 years old.
  37. I have three 1/2 brothers. One with another father, who is four years younger than I am. The others, with another mother, and they share the generation of my own children, ages 21 and 17 now.
  38. I’ve always wanted a sister and an older brother.
  39. I would love to live in Egypt.
  40. I was born a Mormon. My great grandmother’s, grandfather, was a polygamist. I descend from a second wife.
  41. My integrity was built, for me, by this gr gr gr grandfather, when he went to jail and did not divorce his wives, when polygamy was abolished.
  42. Integrity is one of the few things that YOU CAN take with you, when you die.
  43. I own a treadmill, recumbent exercise bicycle, and an ab lounge. I find them great eye sores.
  44. I drive a Toyota Sienna.
  45. I love pajamas.
  46. I love PINK! I share this obsession with my youngest daughter, girlie. Its all because of the movie Legally Blonde. I still want her pajama hair wrap thingee..
  47. Pink is my new purple.
  48. I work from home so I feel I never get to leave work.
  49. If it wasn’t for Stoeffer’s, I’d probably starve.
  50. I’m fascinated with Feng Shui and qi. My ba-gua is in a state of organized chaos.
  51. I’m a compulsive list maker. I prefer to scribble my lists on pretty paper or in pretty journals.
  52. I own a journal called “my list of lists” where I list things to list. I can’t help it! LOL
  53. My eldest daughter does not live with me. She loves Tink. I carry Tink with me, to have a piece of her with me. My denim purse has Tink on it. My smaller bag that holds all things financial, within my purse, has Tink on it. I have Tink charms, key chains, lanyards, and Disney pins.
  54. This same daughter used to eat brown crayons. One time, I picked her up, from the nursery, at church, and they were apologizing that she had eaten a crayon. I asked them if it was brown. They were surprised that I knew. This child was obsessed with Tootsie rolls. I have a stuffed pillow in the shape of a tootsie roll, and keep my jewelry in a zippered plush pencil bag that looks like a tootsie roll wrapper.
  55. I wear my son’s clothes.
  56. I wear sandals and feel naked if my toe nails are not polished.
  57. My first bicycle had a banana seat and a basket hanging on the front. I can’t remember if it had a bell or not.
  58. I never owned a Barbie when I was a child. Mine was a “Kate Jackson” doll.
  59. I never owned a cabbage patch kid. Mine was a kit that I had to stuff and sew together. No one understood that it wasn’t the same.
  60. My favorite cartoons were/are Flinstones and Jetsons.
  61. I have a stuffed Tazmanian Devil that vibrates, shakes, and speaks when you squeeze his belly. My taz collection includes baseball caps, a basketball, plastic children’s dishes, a clock, and slippers. I have no idea where they are at this very moment.
  62. Rose is my favorite scent.
  63. My cell phone number is not the same area code that I live in. It is local to my eldest daughter’s home phone so she can call me easier.
  64. I’ve never been at fault in a car accident. I have been rear-ended, while sitting at a stop light. My shoulder may never forget.
  65. I love shabby chic bedding and decor.. roses, hearts, stripes, pink, burgundy, white, and ivory.
  66. I crochet my own face cloths.
  67. I love my fingernails painted in a French manicure.
  68. My kitchen is decorated in real red with apples.
  69. My family room is decorated in jungle theme with palm trees and bamboo. I have small statues of elephants and a larger one of a giraffe. I heart giraffe’s.
  70. I think a perfect salad has canned beets, parmesan cheese, cottage cheese, chinese dry rice noodles, and toasted almonds on it.
  71. Balsamic vinaigrette should its own food group.
  72. I just started reading Harry Potter. I’ve lived it, prior to now, in the eyes and lives of my children. Thankyouverymuch.
  73. I would love to travel to just visit all the zoo’s in the world.
  74. My favorite scripture is Proverbs 31. I think it goes hand in hand with the idea that I’m not Martha Stewart either. Or maybe its the “purple”?
  75. I have left a permanent palm print on my laptop and I am typing on its third keyboard.
  76. I’m the number one fan of the man from Tennessee. I heart Kenny Chesney. (shut up Douggie! :P ) My life is and has been more than one song that KC sings.
  77. I’m turning more green. I have the fabric to make my cloth napkins. I am a dish collector. I am learning to abhor plastic. I hate over packaging. I wish I knew if the things I put out at my curb actually are recycled.
  78. I have a wonderful herb garden and yet I rarely cook anymore.
  79. I want to learn to play the piano, but I don’t think its my talented gift in this lifetime. I can only hope it is now girlie’s.
  80. No outfit is complete without cat hair.
  81. I heart Hello, My name is Heather’s studio.
  82. My favorite flowers include Hydrangeas, Sunflowers, Sweet Peas, Lilacs, Roses, and Morning Glories. I do not grow any of them.
  83. I’d rather chat (type) than talk on the telephone. My hearing isn’t that great and its easier to understand and comprehend in words. I am a lip reader, in person.
  84. I love to rough-it, my own way, camping in a tent.
  85. I wish to collect old fashioned pitchers and wash basins.
  86. I have a special interest in mortar and pestles.
  87. I love lemon. Lemon curd, lemon Australian yogurt, lemonade, lemon bars, lemon drops, lemon heads, and lemon flavored tootsie rolls.
  88. I love limes, too. I love fresh lime juice in salsa and soups. It is my choice in candy, but necessarily in pie.
  89. Cilantro is my herb of choice.
  90. I love onions. I especially love Chives, Scallions, Vidalias, and shallots. I love them grilled, caramelized, and sautéed.
  91. Roasted garlic should also be its own food group, too.
  92. My favorite candy is caramel and toffee.
  93. I heart corn bread and honey butter. Corn is also not on my “blood type” diet. :(
  94. I’ve only met one cheese I didn’t like. It was 20+ years ago and I don’t remember what it was, but it smelled awful, too. I tend to favor white cheeses. My favorites include cream cheese, mascarpone, cottage, ricotta, jack, provolone, and mozzarella. I also love gouda, muenster and mild cheddar. I love aged and sharp cheese, but I do not like the headaches that accompany them, so I avoid them.
  95. I am a walking allergy. I have multiple indoor and outdoor allergies. Urticaria is part of my vocabulary. I’ve even had it on the palms of my hands. I have multiple food allergies, including nitrates, nitrites, sulfites, MSG, and aspartame.
  96. I try to avoid consuming many foods that are contrary to my own blood type diet. I also crave these foods. Some that I should include, but cheat with often, or rather could live on, are: peanuts, corn and corn products (check corn syrup on labels, it will surprise you), tomatoes, black-eyed peas, and pinto beans.
  97. My sweet of choice is always fresh bread.
  98. I love fresh cherries.
  99. My favorite Chinese food take-out includes hot n sour soup and snow peas.
  100. “Farmer’s Market” screams out “shopping mall” to me.

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