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My Bucket List

My 100 Goals..

  1. Swim with sharks (in a cage, of course)
  2. Ride in a hot air balloon
  3. Spend two weeks in Gatlinburg, TN, in nature
  4. Return to Lake Arrowhead, CA to rent a boat and sunbathe
  5. Walk to the bottom of the Grand Canyon
  6. Publish my Family History “thus far”
  7. Live on a Farm, being as self-sufficient as possible
  8. Snorkel in the Keys
  9. Travel through Utah, in a rental truck, stopping at all the D.I.’s
  10. Spend a month in Salt Lake City doing Family History
  11. Spend a week in the Maine Archives
  12. Learn to play guitar
  13. See Wimbledon with Ted
  14. Visit the Valley of the Kings
  15. Snorkel in Sharm El Sheikh
  16. Swim with Dolphins
  17. Organize a School Reunion with those I liked, in Vegas
  18. Have dinner with ten people I used to know, just to catch-up
  19. Build and use a Green House
  20. Start my entire garden from seed
  21. Swap seeds with other gardeners
  22. Build my Esty shop
  23. Meet all my online Friends (I almost did this with all my AOL friends in the USA..)
  24. Return to Nauvoo with the kiddos
  25. Travel the USA on Amtrak, in a sleeper car
  26. Live in San Diego so I can have season tickets to Petco Park (to use Jana’s parking space!)
  27. Travel the USA in an RV and stay in camp grounds
  28. Go to Alaska and meet Celeste
  29. Visit NYC
  30. Vermi-compost
  31. Go to Spring Training in Peoria
  32. Buy my own baseball bat and pink glove
  33. Find my bluetooth ear pieces.. own two.. never can find one… small little shit
  34. Read Piccola’s recommended “Maria”
  35. Lose 40 more pounds
  36. Try Falafel and Molokheya
  37. Lay on a beach of white sand, holding hands with the one I love
  38. Meet Missy and Sabiha for lunch in Cali
  39. Ride an elevator with Lance
  40. Babysit Landon for Alfa
  41. Show up at Keny’s with soap making materials and ask him to go milk a goat for me
  42. Go to Maui with Ron so he can show me around (remembering 12/25/86 when he promised this)
  43. See Niagra Falls
  44. Have lunch in Catalina
  45. Take a photography class and have a dark room
  46. Have a rose garden
  47. Own a Beach House
  48. Host Exchange Students again
  49. Communicate with my distant cousins
  50. Volunteer to rock and feed babies in NICU
  51. Be an Emergency newborn Foster Parent
  52. Swim with Debbi and Amy, in their pool, in Florida
  53. Crochet each of my children (and grandchildren, someday) an afghan
  54. Buy a Serger Sewing Machine
  55. Organize my businesses
  56. Visit and Photograph cemeteries and headstones for my book
  57. Go to a Rainbow Gathering
  58. Play fantasy baseball
  59. Organize a better daily routine
  60. Add afternoon tea to my daily life
  61. Read one new book each month
  62. Research and List 100 zoos to visit
  63. Feng Shui my home
  64. Write my daughter weekly
  65. Write my dad monthly
  66. Go on a cruise
  67. Ride a camel
  68. Freshen up on my sign language
  69. Make a snow angel
  70. Go to the Masters with my Dad
  71. Put up home grown fruit and veggies
  72. Learn about crystals and stones
  73. Eat anti-inflammatory
  74. Play catch with David
  75. Learn to bake bread better
  76. Make misting table for seed planting
  77. Create watering system for patio garden
  78. Make a quilt
  79. Learn Ballroom dancing with the boy
  80. Learn Morse Code
  81. Design my Dream Home
  82. Read “Breakfast of Champions”
  83. Create my “Comfort Drawer” from Simple Abundance
  84. Reconnect by writing to my friends in Jacksonville and Cali
  85. Send birthday greetings in snail mail on time
  86. Send more personal hand-written thank-you cards
  87. Blog my personal poetry
  88. Blog 100 people from my past I’d like to talk with again
  89. Become a paralegal
  90. Keep a daily gratitude journal
  91. Print (develop) more digital photographs
  92. Learn who the FlyLady is
  93. Buy a Piano
  94. Kiss in the Rain
  95. Have a regular sleep schedule
  96. Make my own greeting cards
  97. Make a postcard and send it to Post Secret
  98. Improve my Arabic
  99. Create my dream studio
  100. DeClutter my Life

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