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Tricare and Blue Cross are being banned from Walgreens RX in 2012

ShareTweet A few months ago, my daughter had to sign a petition, at Walgreens to save her ability to keep using Walgreens for her prescription needs. Last week, I was informed, over the phone and then, again, this afternoon, at the pharmacy..  Many insurance companies are not going to allow us to use the major pharmacies in the near future. Right now, I can fill two maintenance medications locally.  Then I have to get a 90 day prescription and use the insurance company’s pharmacy.. When mistakes happen, which just recently happened to me, we are stuck with 90 days worth of a useless product or not enough after you’ve paid your bill. Its all a mess and only going to get worse. God Bless America. … Read entire article »

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Laughing at my Bucket List

ShareTweet July 2010 and today are so drastically different. I can’t say I can come up with 100 things like that again and it was fun and sad to read. Most of my friends I planned to do things with I don’t even speak to anymore. #42 hits too personal to me. I chatted on FB with him, recently. He’s happily married and I doubt he’d ever take me to fulfill his promise. I was just over pleased he spoke to me and doesn’t hate me anymore. I hurt him tremendously as a very young girl. I’m sorry for all the pain I caused him and I hope he knows it. You never forget your first love.. Ron, you still amaze me. Strong and True. and that’s … Read entire article »

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Strike Three – You’re Out!

ShareTweet My medical doctor has a serious problem. I have a serious problem because of it. I’m out of options of where to go for primary care so I’m avoiding primary care. First Strike: My medical doctor had me sign a contract that said I would only get my Ambien from him and only at CVS pharmacy near my home. When I called for a refill and waited three or four days for it to be called in, I happened to send my son to the Walgreens to get some other prescriptions, for me… and guess what else he brought home? My Ambien. Who broke that contract? Strike Two: My insurance company only allows two months of maintenance medications at my local pharmacy of choice and then I must get a … Read entire article »

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Serious Confession

ShareTweet My absence in this blog has a lot to do with a complete depression I’m experiencing. It all seemed to start when my father passed away, but that was because I made the mistake of going on an anti-depressant that severely started adding pounds to my body. Supposedly those medications have been changed. Last month, however, I thought that maybe I’m drinking too many of my calories and restricted myself in half of my regular consumption. The result? I gained 20 pounds. 20 pounds! This time, last year, I weighed 100 pounds less than I do today. Since I am post weight loss surgery/gastric bypass and have reorganized insides, traditional diets are out of the question, especailly low carbing. One of my doctors thinks that its metabolic and thyroid related. My therapist … Read entire article »

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Dear Friend

ShareTweet My dearest friend, Please note that treating your “old” friends bad, to impress your girlfriend only makes you look like an ass. Rest assured, however, when she is gone, we will still be here! Love to you, Heidi … Read entire article »

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broken.. just broken

ShareTweet When the world seems to be crashing down on you and you feel broken, the last thing you really want to do is admit it or tell the public. Its something you hide from everyone and then everyone calls you a hermit and thinks you’ve fallen off the deep end of the earth. Well, I’m broken. Seriously. My fibromyalgia pain is worse than my back pain and covers many parts of the body leaving me, on many days just a blob of existence, in pain. This is where I’ve been. This is why I haven’t been writing. At first, I thought I lost my voice. I thought I lost my ability to write.. but honestly, I’ve lost my group. I had a group of very … Read entire article »

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Embrace Vulnerability

ShareTweet     Its okay to be vulnerable. Its okay to show who I really am. Its okay to be afraid, and get positive about it. I can become who I want to be. … Read entire article »

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Why is it acceptable to have Insurance companies prescribe our medications?

ShareTweet Its no secret that in January, I had to get new medical insurance. It was part of an acquisition. So, I’ve dealt with their denials of filling many prescriptions that I and my doctor had agreed that I needed.  I’d dealt with their letters suggesting another medication that they feel is better or, more like they’ll allow (pay for.) Now, after last week and I finally got my medication, that my doctor didn’t call in for me, that he won’t give me refills for, as if that’s insurance that I’ll make my not needed appointments to him, every month… the insurance company would not pay for it. They claim that its a “maintenance medication” and I must get them 90 days, at a time, from them, directly. Now what do I do?  The doctor has … Read entire article »

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An 800 pound Gorilla wants to pee in my Cheerios

ShareTweet The best way to explain it is to copy/paste the emails to you, removing all the guilty party logos, names, and email addresses.  Then  you tell me what you think. First, you’ve heard of right? is a Public Feed Reader.  I enjoy gathering my Feeds to read there, so I can easily categorize and read for the curating I do.  I made a mistake, though.  I decided to make a genealogy one and name is after my genealogy site .com and well, umm, that might just make this an dirtier pee than I’m thinking, right now. Okay, here we go: Hello Heidi (name deleted to protect the gorilla) here from (name deleted to protect the gorilla).  I’ve had several inquiries via email this morning about the feeds at Family Hugz.)(** note ** … Read entire article »

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A Mixture of Emotional Breakdown Feelings – Latest Refills

ShareTweet The ice cream topping to my dessert of being pissed at my latest doctors appointment surfaced yesterday. In almost a way to control that I go to the doctor every month, my doctor doesn’t give me refills to any of my medications. They have a call-in, email, or fax system that I had  signed up for, at the first of the year. So imagine my surprise when one of my major medications was out and not called in. I waited til Monday, called the nurse, explained the situation, and then she called me back because I left CVS and their phone number on the recorder (the pharmacy that was required of me to have another drug, by contract, filled there, and they messed all those refills up, too,)  They said they only had … Read entire article »

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You Must See These – Its time to be disgusted

ShareTweet You’ve heard about how you should see Food, Inc.  And you should.  You should also add SuperSize Me to that list of Must See’s.  But I just finished watching King Corn and if you have Netflix, you should go watch it now.  I’m amazed.  I’m not sure any food is all that great for us anymore. We are killing ourselves one sip and bite at a time and only we can do something about this. I stopped eating fast food a long time ago.  I’m an avid food label reader.  I live with others who demand foods i would never buy.. but they are in my refrigerator. I <3 Dr. Pepper.  I can live on Pepsi Throwback from Publix until I can switch off the whole soda bandwagon. I’m not there, yet.  But … Read entire article »

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A Mixture of Emotional Breakdown Feelings – The latest appointment

ShareTweet I saw Dr. Nate Averill this week. He told me that my pain is in my head.  He told me I had to get out of bed and set some goals for myself.  I explained that I can’t even go to the grocery store without being in so much pain I can barely make it back to my vehicle. He said that I’m depressed and that makes my pain worse, which makes my depression worse and that I can get out of bed and do whatever I want. I’m back to not leaving my house alone, without another driver, in case I get stuck and can’t get home. I told him that its easy for him to say this, he won’t be the one there, when I fall to pick me up again and … Read entire article »

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A Mixture of Emotional Breakdown Feelings – a Passed Thyroid Test.

ShareTweet In the last six month, I have gained 60 pounds.  60 pounds!  There is no way I’ve eaten myself 60 more pounds so rapidly.  I’m in extreme pain again.  The back spasms are back and well I’m living in bed again. My Thyroid blood test is normal, as I expected.  I know two other cases where a bad thyroid tested normal.  The tests are simply not enough. But they are enough for my primary physician.. Dr. Nathan Averill, Berkeley Family Practice. Dr. Averill referred me to a pain doctor, Dr. Tavell.  Dr. Tavell is doing a series of back injections that are killing me but are part of a series that hopefully will get me out of pain. He also referred me to his chiropractor, Dr. Stephen Khouri.  Dr. Khouri took a keen … Read entire article »

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A Mixture of Emotional Breakdown Feelings – the Gall Bladder hell

ShareTweet I’ve held off writing this post because frankly, I’m not sure where to begin and I don’t want to give you an encyclopedia version.  This is my attempt to give you a dictionary version. Six years ago, I was very sick.  I was passing out in public.  I would wake up on floors, at 4am, in fabric departments, with suits around me, asking me if I was diabetic.  I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere alone, after that, because someone had to have a knee under my butt when I started to fall to the ground.  Which happened way more often than it should have. At the time, I had the best doctor in the world.  Dr. P H Gordon Thompson at Palmetto Primary Care. It took me a very long time to … Read entire article »

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I met the new backcracker..

ShareTweet I went to a new chiropractor yesterday. After discussing my major weight gain and the absolute need of an endocrinologist and the thyroid issues vs tests that lie.. we measured my hips 1.5 inches off each other.  He said that when your hips are twisted, like mine were, you can not stay in alignment. Then I got all cracked up.  Literally.  Walked out, standing up straight. Amazing. I was so excited to hear “see you next week.”  Yes!  Going to get cracked again.  Love. … Read entire article »

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Motherhood: My Highest Calling

ShareTweet As Mother’s Day approaches, I’ve been considering the calling that is Motherhood. When I was a little girl, I only knew, for sure, that I wanted to be a mommy. I never knew, then, that I would consider it a personal calling to any little person in need. Many exchange students, from Japan, Thailand, and Brazil, have called me “mom,” before. I’ve assisted helpless little children in public places.. in many capacities from handing them things to helping them open doors. Many things gross me out, but your child using my pant leg to wipe their face or nose would not offend me. Clothes wash. Hands wash. Even when overwhelmed, I can, usually, handle a child’s dilemma. I know that children have smaller environments and their major crisis may be their … Read entire article »

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My Opinion on the matter at hand..

ShareTweet So Osama Bin Laden is dead. Our Mission is accomplished. Time to leave Afghanistan and Pakistan. We need those troops home to defend us against those that loved Osama and hate us. Stay in Iraq like we stayed in Korea.  Our troops are just targets now.  We are all targets now. I’m impressed that Obama spoke like we all should be 912’ers. God Bless America. Thank you to our brave Troops. Never forget. Don’t cheer and shoot guns like they did when our towers were falling.  Light a candle.  Remember. … Read entire article »

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Sangaree BiLo Gets a FaceLift

ShareTweet We’ve often referred to “my BiLo” in a semi-negative way. Its just wasn’t up to the fashions of Moncks Corner or Hanahan and it was depressing. This is the only neighborhood grocery store that survived when our Wally World went Super. I’m proud to announce (and they aren’t giving me a thing to say this) that they are having a Grand Opening on May 4, 2011. The store is beautiful. New floors, new produce department, new machines. I’m so very impressed. Oh and they got a facelift on the outside, too. Now “My BiLo” isn’t a dreadful thing to say. (I hope complaining to corporate last year didn’t get anyone fired. shshshs we’ll just be quiet about this, ok?) The only downer, the booklet they sent has a … Read entire article »

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Welcome Spring!

ShareTweet   Spring has brought us the nice yellow cars.  Pine pollen is just so out of control.  Even my oregano is spotted yellow.  Please bring the rain. The garden boxes are almost ready to plant.  You’ll see the progress at Field of Dreamz From the Cheap Seatz. … Read entire article »

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Update from California

ShareTweet Mom is going in, this morning, for another CT. They suspect another intestinal blockage. She was lucky to survive the last without a colostomy.. She’s going to call me after the CT to tell me if she is going back into surgery. I’ll keep you posted as to what is new with that and my where-abouts. I may be headed back to California. Believing in Blessingz, Heidi … Read entire article »

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Do you Struggle to Organize your Blog Strategies like I do?

ShareTweet I found this fantastic calendar and its free to print. It prints a week in landscape and gives you sections in the left column: Post/Guest Post Emails/LIst Promos/Comments Ideas Its exact what I need to plan ahead fo weekly things that I do and idea brainstorm blog posts now and ahead of time. Get yours free today.  You don’t have to sign up for anything.  I signed up for tips in email after I printed it and put holes in it and stuffed it into a red binder.  I’m so excited I had to share.  Print Your Planning Calendar Today.   … Read entire article »

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I <3 Egypt – “The Power of the People..”

ShareTweet … Read entire article »

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Slight interruption of this blog..

ShareTweet Working Margie’s 40 things in 4 weeks and this blog has some issues.  We will either be able to figure out how to dump the original feed options at the top of this page or we’ll find a new theme.  Back to regular scheduled programming soon.  Thanks, ~Heidi … Read entire article »

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Lowered body temperature and cold hands and feet to start..

ShareTweet I’ve been asking so many people, for the last year, what the medical words for “generalized lowered body temperature” were.  I just know there must be a name for this condition, yet no one has had an answer, yet. Recently, I’ve started back on some medications to help with the side-effects of my Fibromyalgia, because the pain has started to interfere with my daily life.  I spend countless hours, in my bed, under an electric blanket, being used like a heating pad for my hip and back pain. So, today, in my IN Box appears Dr. Mercola talking about Fibromyalgia.  It got my attention and I began to read many articles that I’d like to share snippets with you.. From A common give-away that you may be hypothyroid is feeling cold most … Read entire article »

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Friday Five – Top Evernote Links – Top Twitter Favorites

ShareTweet My Top Five Evernote Links this week: Chris Brogan takes on Social Media Etiquette. This is a great post that anyone interested in Social Media should read. Marelisa shares 32 Small Ways to Change the World.  My favorite is number 29.  Seed pills excite me, too! Heatlh Impact New Daily has shared an interesting post about Saturate Fats, Cholesterol in the brain, relating Alzheimers, Parkinsons, and ALS, in the name of Coconut Oil. I don’t know how much of this is marketing for coconut oil.  But I found the article fascinating. Margie Clayman shared 1 month, 30 blogging action items. Erica Says has a great post to teach the difference between categories and tags. I wish I had read this when I first started blogging.   My Top Five Favorties on Twitter, this week “Folks, if you can’t … Read entire article »

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