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Getting the hang of going back to school..

ShareTweet I think I’m, finally, getting the hang of online courses.  I do think a brick and mortar classroom would be easier.  I spent most of my time, last week, trying to figure out when things are due and what’s expected. I still have no word on my Federal loans. I managed to write my first paper draft, and a couple of essays, in English Comp.  I’ve been very active in the discussion boards in my marketing class.  I’ve typed my heart out in keyboarding lessons and time tests.  I’ve learned how to use the drop box in CPT 101.  I even aced a couple of quizzes. I even managed to blog a couple of times and to curate for bliss reads, too. Let’s hope next week is as fruitful. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOUIS HORWITZ ~ I … Read entire article »

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Its time to wake up America

ShareTweet While I’m unsettled about the whole Ground Zero Mosque idea, I learned something, last night, that is so much worse.  Maybe worse isn’t the right word.  Because they are both equally an abomination to America. It started with a twitter link here: I watched the videos.  I hadn’t heard there was going to be a memorial in the shape of a crescent.  I didn’t know that all that symbolism was present.  The idea that all of this is a coincidence insults my intelligence, and should, also, insult yours. A towering Islamic sundial is not an accident, by any means. I’m, honestly, afraid to ask my Muslim friends how they feel about this.  I would hope that they could see the insulting consequences, but I don’t think they will.  I know how they feel … Read entire article »

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Jihad doesn’t have to be a bad word

ShareTweet I  had to write an essay about Jeffrey Goldberg’s Inside Jihad U.: The Education of a Holy Warrior, today. I pointed out that this article was written 15 months before the tragic events on September 11, 2001. I was pleased to find a copy of the article, to link you to, so you can see that it wasn’t an easy thing for me to write about, with all the current talk about the mosque at Ground Zero. In my essay, I explained that although this madrassa, and so many more, like it, do not teach terrorism, they leave the students with no rounded education to seek for anything more than being a terrorist and finding groups to join, in their hate quests. You see, I know the difference between Muslims and Extremists. I have … Read entire article »

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“Wait” is killing the Camels Back

ShareTweet I spent the whole weekend not knowing if I was going to be dropped, from my classes. You see, every time I’m told something, at Trident Tech, I’m later re-informed differently. I don’t really know what paper, she  help up, when she said, “with this signature, your tuition is secure, so don’t worry about the deadline.” If it was a grant paper, I would have been dropped, because Friday 2/3 of my grants were denied. Since I can still access the site, I’m assuming it was the paper for my loans. I’m discouraged because today is the last day that financial aid can be used in the campus bookstore.  I was, originally, told, the week before school started, “You won’t be able to get your books, at the bookstore, until Wednesday.”  Wednesday came and went … Read entire article »

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I have had many dad’s in this lifetime.

ShareTweet “Dad” is a very special word, to me. I met my biological dad when I was 18. Michael. We buried him last year. I spent quite a bit of my young childhood with a step-father, I called, “daddy.” Kenny. In my youth, I had my grandfather and a special proxy dad, for father/daughter activities, camp-outs, or dances. Phil Allison I have had two fathers-in-law that I referred to or called “dad,” too. Mel and Bryan. My mom had some special boyfriend’s, in her world, that treated me like a dad. Jimmy and Wayne. I have a current step-dad, that treats me like a dad. Ernie And, just recently, thanks to Google, I’m in touch with a man who helped to raise me from when I was a baby until I was a toddler. I consider … Read entire article »

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Just Say Nothing at ALL!

ShareTweet Know your 5th Amendment Rights. Exercise your right to remain silent! Even if you are innocent, you should say nothing to police, at all. Ever. Nothing good can come from your words. “No Matter What!” A Police Officer’s comments to defend you is Hearsay. A Police Officer’s comments against you is admissible in court. Admit nothing even if you are guilty. Just say nothing at all. … Read entire article »

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Home Made Cleaners Examined

ShareTweet Image via WikipediaI’m going through some changes.. in my HM cleaning type recipes.. HM Dishwasher Soap I’ve been stretching my powdered Cascade, for about a year now. I did try to just go to HM powder, but the film, on the dishes just wasn’t working. Even white vinegar was not helping the film. Upon some research, I noticed that many others were mixing Dollar Store Dishwasher Soap, with their borax and baking soda, to cut the film. I just kept buying my powdered Cascade at Sam’s, and used it as one part, of three.. 1 part Cascade Powder 1 part Borax 1 part Baking Soda I am going to experiment, now, though, with Citric Acid, in place of the Cascade. Citric Acid is the common “dishwasher cleaner” ingredient. I bought some from WholeSalesSuppliesPlus and … Read entire article »

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More Egggstra Attention

ShareTweet Okay. Confession. I’m an egg snob. I prefer “free-range” brown eggs, in paper cartons. It all started as a taste experiment. I choose to be ignorant to the humane aspects of the treatment of chickens. This post is not about the chicken. I’d have my own chickens, if that were possible. Right now, its not. My choice of free-range eggs is much like my switch to hormone-free (not ultra pasteurized) milk. Purely a taste choice. Here’s a great break-down. I’ve never seen this side-by-side, before, and yet I felt this way about the poor commercial white eggs. We like free-range brown eggs more. We think they taste better. There really is no comparison, though. We take the “eat less of it, so you can eat the best tasting..” philosophy. I … Read entire article »

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k12 charter school

ShareTweet We’ve decided, this year, to enroll Girlie into the K12 Charter HomeSchool program.  Keeping her schedule straight, is harder, for me, than I think it is for her. I’m now carrying two calendars, and a third to leave at home. All these online classes to keep straight for both of us has my head spinning.  Yesterday, we lost internet for one of her class connects.  What can we do?  Today, a teacher dropped internet during a class connect, with nearly 300 students there for Orientation.  Glitches happen. Her subjects include fast tracked or block courses of Algebra and Geography/World History, Biology, and Physical Education. I think we are working through the kinks for attendance. The early morning seminary class is at 6:30am, this year, so that’s been a little more helpful. Oh the fun joy … Read entire article »

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Back-to-School Update

ShareTweet Well..  There is an end to the nightmare that was called registering. I happened to be part of the 30% that had to verify my FAFSA with the Financial Aid Department. I hadn’t dreamed I was going back to school, by July 9th, which is the first cut-off date for financial aid.. so I had to buy two of my books, outright, yesterday.  (They only had two of the four I needed.) Cha Ching $252.52! I still must say I don’t know much about how the grants and loans work.  Yesterday, I was told that it would take a week and that no funds would be available, for me, for books, until next Wednesday. School starts Monday. I’ve never taken an online course before.  I have no idea how this will work.  Everything, on the schedule … Read entire article »

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New Plug-in’s that make me squee!

ShareTweet One of the hardest part of starting over, in blog land, after having thousands of posts, under my belt, is the very basics, that I give little day-to-day though about.  Like Plug-ins. It only took me three days of ultra spam comments, to realize I forgot about Akismet.  Oops. Today I installed: Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu(wordpress,) to mimic my Drupal Blog‘s Admin drop down menu These allow much better efficient real estate.. no more scrolling through to find things. Its all there, across the top!  FAB! I, also, installed Link Within.  There aren’t as many posts, here, yet, as the other blogs.  But, hopefully we’ll get there. :) … Read entire article »

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OH, the Taco!

ShareTweet Image by simply_carolina_dreamz via Flickr I adore tacos. We’ve been eating them all week. I’m hoping to have a more creative menu next week. Don’t hold your breath, though. My creativity is disabled, at the moment. *blink blink* I prefer corn tortillas. I love flour tortillas, too, though. Especially fresh home-made flour tortillas. In my book, tacos should crunch. Crunch is a relative term, though. I’ve decided there are some must-have’s in the taco world.. My taco must have: meat cheese lettuce That’s it. If we don’t have meat, cheese, or lettuce, we can’t have tacos. Bonus items include: Beans (Kidney or Pinto) Fresh Tomatoes Salsa Chopped Cilantro (Yes. I’m one of those people.) Sour Cream Guacamole Bacon (hahaha.. I’ve never had bacon on a taco.) Onions (fresh or sauteed) Cooked peppers (I prefer red, orange, or yellow bell peppers.) Jalapeno’s (I prefer them pickled.) What did … Read entire article »

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Going back to College Nightmarez

ShareTweet I thought it might be nice to keep record, in blog, of my plans to go back to College. I thought I might skip putting this into blog, because it has truly been one nightmare after another, to try to get enrolled at TTC. Communication is a hard thing to do on the campus. One person tells you something, that another tells you, differently, the very next day. I did much better on my entrance exams, than I thought I would do.. I guess all these years of homeschooling has kept much, fresh, in my mind.  I remember zero Trig, though.  Hmmm to that. I was able to go to a live session of orientation, even though I really wanted to go against what I was being advised, and have online classes. I found the … Read entire article »

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Secret Confessions of Blue

ShareTweet I have some quirks.  Don’t laugh, yet. I don’t eat Blue M&M’s.  I don’t know why.  In my mind, they seem to have more dye, in them, than other colors and I find it offensive. (Two times, recently, I’ve eaten blue M&M’s.  In a movie theater, I closed my eyes so I couldn’t see what color any were.) Okay, now I’m laughing at how stupid that is. It’s really about the blue. In the 1980’s my life was True Blue and Mauve.  Wasn’t yours?  Yeah, well.. I get irritated when I check into a resort or hotel and the sheets are blue, too.  Baby blue is the worst color for bed sheets.  Who thought of that? I don’t mind blue/white or blue/cream toile in those rosey patterns. I own blue dishes.  I eat off of them.  … Read entire article »

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Bi-Lo introduces Chef’s Catch Seafood Line

ShareTweet I was fortunate to be invited to the Super Bi-Lo, in Hanahan, for a taste testing of Bi-Lo’s new Seafood Line, called Chef’s Catch. From their site: Satisfying your next craving for restaurant-quality seafood, just became affordable and convenient!  You no longer have to dress up and dine out to enjoy the same freshness, quality and selection a restaurant can provide. With our new Chef’s Catch Fresh Seafood, the only thing we won’t match is the restaurant-quality price. The Press Release mentions the color coding system, they’ve chosen for this new line of seafood. Fresh, Never Frozen is Blue Previously Frozen at sea is Purple Ready to Cook (seasoned or marinated) is in Orange The Chef’s Catch Line includes pre-packaged, ready to cook, restaurant-quality seafood, to include Salmon Filets and Steaks Tilapia Rainbow Trout Steelhead Trout Wild Ocean Perch Cod Haddock Flounder Sea … Read entire article »

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Kohl’s is a Deal Maker

ShareTweet So much has been given, to me, from Kohl’s since I figured out how to Play their game. Last month, I signed up for a Kohl’s charge card.  I was buying some sterling silver jewelry, that was already 60% off and the speaker above my head kept telling me I could get an additional 15% off if I opened an account. I figured that if I don’t keep a running balance on this card, I won’t have to worry about their horrendous percentage rate. Since I opened that card, though, I’ve had many unexpected surprises. @HeatherSolos and I braved shopping, one afternoon, and a package of knives, that I had been wanting to buy was on sale.  As I reached to pick up this three-pack of sharp kitchen knives, the package split and all … Read entire article »

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Bi-Lo Kohl’s non coupon offer

ShareTweet As a follow-up to my Bi-Lo post, the other day, I wanted to let you know that there is a fantastic deal promotion if you buy Kohl’s gift cards at Bi-Lo. You would get the free $10 Bi-Lo gift card and you’d get .20 cents in feul perks rewards, by buying $200 in Kohl’s Gift cards, from your local Bi-Lo.  Offer expires 8/17/2010. **disclosure: SimplyCarolinaDreamz received a beautiful gift bag, some coupons for an upcoming promotion,  and $50 in free Bi-Lo Gift Cards** … Read entire article »

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101 Update : 10 Aug 2010

ShareTweet Sometimes things happen that aren’t planned. This week I’ve accomplished some things off my 101 list.. by accident. This is one of the blessings of having a list to revolves around my everyday life. There will be challenges, but this week: #7 I bought a S&W .22 Revolver #19 I listed more than 10 more books on paperback swap and its been a busy swapping week. #51 and #90  I placed a “our photos are uploaded to” on the back of my new business cards that include my Notary Public. #96 I’m going back to school and I submitted my FAFSA … Read entire article »

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New ways to earn Fuel Perks at BiLo

ShareTweet There are some exciting new things coming, from BiLo.  Check back for some fun stuff to come. BiLo now includes fuel perks on gift cards you buy in their “gift card mall.” (the full list is here) but we find will be rearranging the way we spend our money, for the following stores: Barnes and Noble Best Buy Cold Stone Ebay Home Depot IHOP JC Penny Kohl’s Lands End Logan’s Restaurant Michael’s Petsmart Regal Cinemas Staples Subway There are many more.  There are two gas stations and an air line on the list. Oh, and Starbucks, too! Fuel Perks is easy to participate in. Other than special bonuses, the general bonus is $.05 in fuel perks for every $50 spent.  There are weeks when they double the bonus, and right now they are sponsoring some special ways that you can get more fuel perks. I do about 1/3 of my … Read entire article »

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Fun stuff going on in the world of PaperBack Swap

ShareTweet Are you using paperbackswap?  You should be.  I’m having so much fun with it and have saved so much money, that I would have spent in the big name bookstores. Here’s a look at my current statistics: Let me explain what you see.. I have 7 books, that I’ve requested, with 7 of my book credits, from several different members.  My current list has the following books on it: Life Balance (Linda and Richard Eyre) Endowed from on High (John D Charles) Looking for God in Harry Potter (John Granger) What I wish I’d known before my mission (John Bytheway) Romancing the Ordinary (a Sarah ban Breathnach  book out of print that I’ve been looking for everywhere.) A Woman’s Worth (Marianne Williamson) These 7 remain in this queue until the member has mailed the book to me. The second tab has … Read entire article »

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Thanks for the Sloppy Joe’s Heather

ShareTweet I can’t eat the “canned sloppy joe stuff.”  Besides disliking the taste, there are too many ingredients that give me a headache, in it. The best use of Sloppy Joe’s, I’ve ever experienced, was potluck style, at a HomeSchool Association camp-out.  After setting up camp, its dark and everyone is tired.  The meat was kept warm in crock pots and we just put out a bunch of accompaniments.  Its always a go-to potluck meal. When I was in the midwest, it was served to accommodate out-of-town relatives, that were arriving at alternating times.  They called it “BBQ.” No matter what you call it, this recipe is a winner.  We added granulated garlic, and didn’t add the Montreal seasoning, but next time I’ll try it with Toronto Seasoning (Whole Foods version of Montreal Seasoning.) When … Read entire article »

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Whole Wheat Ranch Bread

ShareTweet While I was researching dough conditioners, I fished around on the Mormon Foodie’s Bread Maker Blog and found some inspiration to use my Ranch Dressing Mix, with my Whole Wheat Bread and new Dough Conditioner. I get brave, like that. Sometimes. :) (I, successfully, have substituted 1/2 the flour in my corn bread recipe, for tamale pie, with 100% White Wheat Flour. I, also, used Pinto Beans and Black Beans, in it, to make it more colorful. So, feel free to experiment with beans. Yay me.) So, anyway.. where was I? Oh, yes! My first Whole Wheat Bread, from the Bread Machine. Its ugly, eh? A Bread only a mother could love? I love it. :P This is not as dense and heavy as my previous whole wheat experiments. … Read entire article »

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Thank Suzie’s for Non Hydrogenated Saltines

ShareTweet For taking the Gunk outta my Ranch Dip/Dressing Mix! … Read entire article »

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Planner, Calendar, and Coupon Binder

ShareTweet I really didn’t want to buy another planner. I really needed to get my calendar and planner organized. I really didn’t want to buy another planner. Oops. Sorry. *wink* So I go to Staples.. The Boy needed to meet someone there, to pick something up.. so I’m feeling rather proud of myself that I know where my Staples Reward card is.. I check.. I take it with me.. so far so good.. I find this binder, that I love.. I hate that its made in China (MIC) but what can I do? I don’t want to “make” a binder. It was really hard to take photos of it, while its empty, so I’ll share the photo on the front, that shows better the features. The accordion file part is detachable and slides … Read entire article »

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Know Your Stuff – Protect Your Identity

ShareTweet What would you do if you lost your purse or wallet today? THE VERY FIRST THING YOU MUST DO IS CONTACT YOUR LOCAL POLICE DEPARTMENT AND FILE A THEFT REPORT. The best protection that you can give yourself is to walk into a copy store and place the entire contents of your wallet down flat on a copier. After you make the copy, turn the cards over and copy the backs. Now you know exactly what is missing, if anything is ever lost or stolen. Now you have your account numbers and the customer service telephone numbers in the same place for your debit and credit cards. Note that most cards have a separate number, from customer service, to report lost or stolen cards. The faster you call to report them lost or stolen, … Read entire article »

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