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Blogging Love and Pet Peeves

ShareTweet I don’t vlog, yet, but I ran into a series of #cantremember blogging loves and pet peeves vlogs.  See how informative I am with memory? LOL So, anyway, I thought I’d chime in. What I love about Blogging: Community/Tribe. I’m trying to find mine again. About Us/Me pages. I want to know you and your blog. Research and Memories.. the fading memory is posted.. and can be re-read. So if I’m blogging for just me, I’m okay with that, too. See my non cooperative numbering.  Thanks wordpress. 4. Meeting people in real life, at conferences and almost already knowing them because I’ve stalked their blogs.  Weird too. 5. Doing things I wouldn’t ordinarily do.  Finding and trying new recipes when I can cook, again, and bring back 6. Listing who you read.  Blogs you love. Inspiration. Your tribe.  … Read entire article »

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