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Yarn Bombing and Fibromyalgia

ShareTweet I was searching for the yarn bombed Dr Seuss I found via twitter the other day, but I couldn’t find it. In a search I found a yarn lover and fellow fibro blogger. I stole this graphic from I’m on My Way.  She yarn bombed her cane.  Wonderful idea. I’m going to do that as soon as possible. Great idea CC. Now this graphic explains exactly what I’m going through with the dessicated disc and arthritis on the side: … Read entire article »

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All in the Life of CarolinaDreamz

ShareTweet Lately, everyday, I want to climb under the covers and hide until it ends.  Or go outside or into a closet and scream. (make sure you are able to utter “i’m okay” to the  minions, that really need you when you are on the phone or on the commode. If you do this. I am not liable for your own decisions. :) ) For those familiar, its a big  Fibro hell. So in the recent past, I’ve survived these: I dropped a whole mostly full bottle of Frappacciino, in the dark,around 5:30am.  This, of course in in a space between the wall and heavy furniture (and the bed) so I can’t get to it to clean it up. (Oh, I forgot to tell you the lid came off and the stuff gushed like … Read entire article »

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My Silent Disability

ShareTweet I found this on a friend’s site and it is amazingly true. Some disabilities appear quite normal, in public. Please think before you get mad and Judge wrongly. No one would choose to have any illness. Some days these are all me and sometimes just part me.. rarely are they never me. For anyone who suffers with Fibromyalgia this is for YOU OR for anyone who has a family member, loved one, friend or knows anyone living with Fibromyalgia this is also for YOU … perhaps it puts into a perspective what someone who has this goes though!!! Remember, never JUDGE a person UNLESS you walk in their shoes!!!!! YOU THINK YOU KNOW, BUT YOU HAVE NOO IDEA!!! 1. My pain – My pain is not your pain. It is not caused … Read entire article »

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