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What I’ve learned from Facebook lately..

ShareTweet   Friendship is a sheltering tree. ~Samuel Taylor Coleridge I’ve always said I have a love/hate relationship with FaceBook.  I love gathering with friends, old and new, and tons of extended family.  Its nice to lend a hug when someone is in need and its always nice to receive a hug when my day is not going all that grand.  I love being back in touch with all my cousins, too.  I, also love all my new local friends that i’ve made since I moved to South Carolina.  Its nice to keep in touch with friends we have had to leave behind when we’ve moved. I hate that FaceBook knows things about my family or friends before I do.  I hate that FaceBook wants to know everything.  I hate misunderstandings caused by lack … Read entire article »

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My return visit to San Diego – all work and little play

ShareTweet Last year, I wrote a blog post about things I desperately missed about San Diego. Sadly, I only ate the food.  El Pollo Loco didn’t impress me much, either.  I didn’t get shaved ice, but around the corner, the day Gabe and I were able to get out.  I didn’t remember the seaweed smell of Mission Beach (the only place we found  a parking place.) Ick. haha I was so happy to see my Aunt Joy and Selena.  Selena Rausch (in case she googles herself : )  ), is my youngest cousin that lives in Utah. She’s brought much joy and silliness to my Facebook. Thanks for making me enjoy Facebook, again, my cousins! , also,I did get to meet Dennis, Syndee, and Jesse.  That … Read entire article »

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Have you met Heather Solos and Angela England?

ShareTweet Many of my friends are up and coming in the blogging world. Two got recent recognition and I wanted to bring it to your attention. First, my good friend, Heather Solos was mentioned, on Problogger with 39 other bloggers to watch in 2011: Her profile has grown organically over the course of five years. She co-founded, “a site designed to teach real people, real skills, as they apply to real lives.” In addition to this, she has gotten a book deal, leveraged in-person meetings to get great results, and has achieved multiple writing spots in newspapers. You can learn more about how she did this in her interview on BlogcastFM. Angela England, founder of Untrained Housewife, whom I was fortunate to meet, in person, at Type-a-mom, was recognized in an … Read entire article »

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Keepin’ it Real : What’s been up in the last few months

ShareTweet I’ve been thinking long and hard about writing this post.  I think its necessary as I rebuilt, from ground zero. The last year has been very difficult for me.  I’ve struggled to find my own identity, as I mourned and grieved, after burying my father.  I branched away from blogging because I just couldn’t keep my thoughts straight, enough, to write about anything. I’m over thankful for my great friends who have kept their faith in me, that I could come back to the blogging I once loved so much.  And, with that thought, I do feel I am back. Being hacked, a few months ago, was a serious invasion of my privacy, for no one’s real benefit.  I don’t know who enjoyed messing with me so blatantly.  I have no faith that … Read entire article »

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