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My own Pharmaceutical Situation

ShareTweet Before my Gastric Bypass, in 2003, we were spending hundreds of dollars, each month, on my pharmaceutical drugs. This reduction in the monthly cost was the biggest benefit of the surgery and recovery. No more blood pressure pills. I was taking three of them each month.  No more a lot of things I know you’ve heard me complain, here, about statin drugs.. and how they scare me.  Well guess who is on Lipitor now? Because my medication was one to dissolve in the duodenum part off the intestine (which is why some of your pharmaceutical medications say to take on an empty stomach) I was having trouble with my pain pharmaceutical medications that were extended release.  Especially the one that needed my duodenum that I didn’t have. So, the other day, we saw the PA … Read entire article »

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30 Days of Truth.. Day 11 → Something people seem to compliment you the most on.

ShareTweet My weight loss. I’ve lost a whole human being since 2003. I’ve lost 150 pounds and I don’t look the same at all. I find it a good thing when people don’t recognize me. I just shake their hand and reintroduce myself. I will never reach what someone else feels in my ideal weight and my BMI still classifies me as Obese, but I’m good. I’ll be good if I lose 20 more pounds too. Hopefully since this IV iron infusion, I can have more energy to move more, which will automatically work towards taking off more of that 20 pounds. Slow weight loss is your friend. … Read entire article »

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Do I regret my Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery? (Re-post)

ShareTweet I’ve decided to share Beth’s WLS story with you. I’ve followed Beth’s blog for quite some time and since I’ve been posting some of my more negative health problems, post weight loss surgery.. I thought I should answer this question, for you, my reader’s, too. This is the first of two videos in this brutally honest post. Please click and listen to her own reply to some of the trouble it seemed to stir. I firmly believe in “YMMV”, Your Mileage May Vary, when it comes to any type of procedure, diet plan, or health change.. I appreciate Beth’s brutal honesty. I stopped going to local support groups, after my surgery, because the upcoming candidates for surgery scared the crap out of me. This is the hardest thing that I’ve ever done. I … Read entire article »

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