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Its time to wake up America

ShareTweet While I’m unsettled about the whole Ground Zero Mosque idea, I learned something, last night, that is so much worse.  Maybe worse isn’t the right word.  Because they are both equally an abomination to America. It started with a twitter link here: I watched the videos.  I hadn’t heard there was going to be a memorial in the shape of a crescent.  I didn’t know that all that symbolism was present.  The idea that all of this is a coincidence insults my intelligence, and should, also, insult yours. A towering Islamic sundial is not an accident, by any means. I’m, honestly, afraid to ask my Muslim friends how they feel about this.  I would hope that they could see the insulting consequences, but I don’t think they will.  I know how they feel … Read entire article »

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Jihad doesn’t have to be a bad word

ShareTweet I  had to write an essay about Jeffrey Goldberg’s Inside Jihad U.: The Education of a Holy Warrior, today. I pointed out that this article was written 15 months before the tragic events on September 11, 2001. I was pleased to find a copy of the article, to link you to, so you can see that it wasn’t an easy thing for me to write about, with all the current talk about the mosque at Ground Zero. In my essay, I explained that although this madrassa, and so many more, like it, do not teach terrorism, they leave the students with no rounded education to seek for anything more than being a terrorist and finding groups to join, in their hate quests. You see, I know the difference between Muslims and Extremists. I have … Read entire article »

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