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Identity Crisis

ShareTweet Could I have had an Identity Crises? Is an Identity Crisis what one experiences when they lose a parent?  Is losing someone you value, so much, so much to bear that one could lose the idea of their identity? Maybe, as my friend, said I was having an identity crisis, i finally felt like I knew what had been happening to me.  As the train rushed towards me and I jumped off the track.. Here I am. Here I am.  HERE I AM.   So many things are really going on..  And I promise to tell you about them.  A simple thing to share is my new friend, Roku ON My Roku this week: Lost 3:2 (Girlie is a new Lostee and I’m riding with her.) and Bones 1:4 (Temperance?  Seeley? Seriously?). Have you ever had an identity … Read entire article »

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30 Days of Truth.. Day 13 → A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough a** days. (write a letter.)

ShareTweet This challenge is very difficult for me because I believe Music is Life. Every room in a home deserves a different genre.. just as every mood does. There isn’t much, in the music industry that I don’t appreciate on some level. I could write Colin Raye about “Love Me” getting me through my grandmother’s death and all the major changes in my life, that had to happen, in 1991. I could write to Alabama about how several of there songs built me into who I am today, but I think that would freak my heart out, too much. I could write to Reba McEntire, because my world has evolved through some of her songs. I could write to Tanya Tucker about “Strong Enough to Bend.” Or to Steve Wariner about “The Weekend.” but … Read entire article »

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I’m always gonna wanna make it move..

ShareTweet When one loses a parent, life seems to go into an unrecognizable mode, for a while.  Some days you don’t know if you’ll ever feel 1/2 normal again.  It has taken me just over a year to be able to function, at full capacity, again. Amazingly, in that year, I’m not sure how I accomplished anything.  I did do the best thing I could do, for myself.  I went back to the pyschiatrist.  It was my chance to just focus on me and work on climbing back into the world I once could run through. I will always be saddened, that my dad chose to hide his illness from me.  I will always feel that I lost my chance to really show him that I could be a successful daughter.  All I … Read entire article »

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Elizabeth Gilbert got me with “Peculiar” :)

ShareTweet I love this video. I find it weekly inspiration. Seriously. Just show up! Ole! I finished Eat, Pray, Love, for the second time. I purchased Committed. I’m ready. … Read entire article »

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