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More Egggstra Attention

ShareTweet Okay. Confession. I’m an egg snob. I prefer “free-range” brown eggs, in paper cartons. It all started as a taste experiment. I choose to be ignorant to the humane aspects of the treatment of chickens. This post is not about the chicken. I’d have my own chickens, if that were possible. Right now, its not. My choice of free-range eggs is much like my switch to hormone-free (not ultra pasteurized) milk. Purely a taste choice. Here’s a great break-down. I’ve never seen this side-by-side, before, and yet I felt this way about the poor commercial white eggs. We like free-range brown eggs more. We think they taste better. There really is no comparison, though. We take the “eat less of it, so you can eat the best tasting..” philosophy. I … Read entire article »

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