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My day is done..

ShareTweet My work day has ended.  I can now get to reading blogs and getting some of my own planned out. Maybe. I’m tired.  I put more tiger balm on my neck, lit a candle, turned the fan on low, turned off the overhead light and kept just the twinkle light strand on and well, here I am. I was going to glue some hat pins together but my glossy accents is giving me fits and even a pin didn’t work and I’ll figure it out tomorrow. I poked a hole, slit, through the side of my other bottle so I need to finish one and pour into the other or trade tips is probably an easier way. I organized more in my room. Almost cleared out the foyer. I can see table … Read entire article »

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30 days of truth.. Day 01 → Something you hate about yourself

ShareTweet As I begin this 30 day challenge to give you a peek inside me, I also wanted to let you know that I will be protecting the individuals guilty and innocent, in my stories.  I don’t mean to dish dirt in this project, even if some of these might get a little personal and I’d want the guilty party to know.  That whole “maybe they’ll Google themselves” thing can’t apply in this project or this will not be the way I want it to be. So, Day 01..  Something you hate about yourself.. I hate that my life is so disorganized. I like order. I like things to have a place. If things have a place than anyone should be able to keep those things in those places. It all is rational, … Read entire article »

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