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Serrapeptase Lowered my Cholesterol 32 points!!

ShareTweet Image via Wikipedia Its strange to write about a topic that isn’t new to my blog, but is new because its lost somewhere in the crashed blogs. I first ran into the name “Serrapeptase” when researching for natural remedies for sinus troubles/infections. Serrapeptase, in case you aren’t aware, is the enzyme silk worms use to get out of (dissolve) the cocoon. I tried several different products and found some amazing relief from the particular brand called Doctor’s Best.  Each coated tablet is 40,000 Units, which is really foreign greek, to me. I’m just the messenger. :)  It is coated so it won’t dissolve in your stomach, but wait to get to your intestines to work.  If you eat with it, it will work on dissolving the food you eat with it, instead of … Read entire article »

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