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What I’ve learned from Facebook lately..

ShareTweet   Friendship is a sheltering tree. ~Samuel Taylor Coleridge I’ve always said I have a love/hate relationship with FaceBook.  I love gathering with friends, old and new, and tons of extended family.  Its nice to lend a hug when someone is in need and its always nice to receive a hug when my day is not going all that grand.  I love being back in touch with all my cousins, too.  I, also love all my new local friends that i’ve made since I moved to South Carolina.  Its nice to keep in touch with friends we have had to leave behind when we’ve moved. I hate that FaceBook knows things about my family or friends before I do.  I hate that FaceBook wants to know everything.  I hate misunderstandings caused by lack … Read entire article »

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30 Days of Truth.. Day 19 → What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?

ShareTweet I think I’ve already talked about how I feel about religion. Organized Religion is man-made. Politics? Well, crap. I’m a conservative preparing for the zombie apocalypse. I sit on the fence on many issues. I find very little honesty or integrity in politics. There are some good people. Its just on the rare end of the spectrum. I would have voted for Mitt Romney because he has the financial knowledge to help the deficit. He’s a businessman and they couldn’t find much dirt on him. I’m for that type of integrity. I think Politics is corrupt and if Romney ever makes it, I hope he doesn’t fall into it. Food Storage people. Start today. … Read entire article »

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