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Goals and Starting over as a “new blogger”

ShareTweet I had plans, at the beginning of the year, or the end of last year, to get back to blogging fulll-time. I gave myself a deadline of February 1st. Well, you can see that didn’t happen. With that said, I still have blogging goals and I still plan a big come back to all the blogz.  Writing has been difficult for me in the last six years due to some life changing events in my life. I’m ready to move on and learn to write/blog all over again. The hardest part was that I couldn’t organize in my head what to write about. I just couldn’t get any words to come from my head out through my fingers. So, I did a bunch of research on YouTube, and i learned about Bullet Journaling. I’m … Read entire article »

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I’m always gonna wanna make it move..

ShareTweet When one loses a parent, life seems to go into an unrecognizable mode, for a while.  Some days you don’t know if you’ll ever feel 1/2 normal again.  It has taken me just over a year to be able to function, at full capacity, again. Amazingly, in that year, I’m not sure how I accomplished anything.  I did do the best thing I could do, for myself.  I went back to the pyschiatrist.  It was my chance to just focus on me and work on climbing back into the world I once could run through. I will always be saddened, that my dad chose to hide his illness from me.  I will always feel that I lost my chance to really show him that I could be a successful daughter.  All I … Read entire article »

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